Wednesday, February 11, 2009


  • The Jonas Brothers are on the cover of the Febuary 2nd Scholastic MATH Magazine.
    Here’s the exclusive from Scholastic MATH’s article “Joneseing for a Jonas Date”:
    How do the Jonas Brothers spend February 14? “We’ve been on the road pretty much most Valentine’s Days!” Kevin told MATH. Nick added: “It’s extra special that day. We get lots of gifts!”
    Nick’s idea for a good inexpensive date: “Carnivals in town are always fun,” he said. “All the games are classic dating material.”
    But who should pay for the date? The boy? The girl? The person who asked? Split down the middle? “We always take care of the bill,” Joe told us. And even if a date insists on paying, Joe said, “we still don’t let her.”
  • Taylor Swift has been nominated for 2 Academy of Country Music Awards: Top Female Vocalist, Video of the Year for 'Love Story.' Carrie Underwood & Julianne Hough also nabbed nominations. Viewers can vote at on Friday.
  • Jonas Brothers will co-host Entertainment Tonight and The Insider on Thursday, February 12, reports OK! The boys will also sit down for an in-depth interview where they reveal everything from their secret Valentine to the intimate details of their lives on tour. Who is the special lady this year? 'Mom!' all three brothers told ET. Kevin, Nick and Joe reveal that life on tour is different for all of them. Kevin said that he is the morning person in the group. Nick is definitely the night owl. The brothers also reveal the nicknames they have for each other on the road. Kevin is 'K2,' Nick is 'Mr. President,' and Joe's 'Danger.'
  • Selena Gomez spilled her Zac Efron crush and what kind of guys she likes to Popstar! Blondes, brunettes or readheads? 'Brunettes all the way. As for style, I really actually like Zac Efron's hair. Vanessa don't kill me! I mean all the boys kind of have thie swoop going on, but if you've noticed lately Zac is doing a 40's look. I love that. I'm sorry, but that is so attractive. Please tell every guy out there.' Funny or sporty? 'I like funny, but I also like guys who are a little athletic.' Outgoing or laid-back? 'Laid-back. Outgoing guys are a little too much for me to handle.'
  • Selena Gomez shared her love for romance books with Popstar! 'When it comes to books, I'm a hopeless romantic. I love reading books about relationships and cheesy girl stuff. I love Nicholas Sparks, he's definitely one of my favorite authors. I love all of his books. When I read Dear John I couldn't believe that I was actually crying at a book. I like to keep it romantic. I find it hard to get interested in anything else.'On dates with Nick Jonas: 'They were on tour for a long time, but now that they're back we're filming on the same lot. We just do normal stuff like go do karaoke, go bowling, go out to dinner because our lives are so chaotic that whenever we hang out we just try to do normal stuff.'
  • The Jonas Brothers. One of the hottest young groups in music: the Jonas Brothers. The future is so bright for these guys that Nick Jonas has been spotted wearing his Ray Bans all over town. That’s a good sign for Luxottica (LUX: 14.51, -0.82, -5.35%) , the company behind the shades. Ray Bans haven’t been this hot since the days of “Risky Business,” but the stock has seen better days: It’s trading at its lowest since 2004. That could be a bad sign or it could be a great opportunity to grab a bargain… [Source: Fox]
  • The Jonas Brothers are mentioned again in a Clique book. This time it’s in the latest Clique book called “P.S. I Loathe You“. They are mentioned in page 29 and it talks about their “A Little Bit Longer” album as well as the song “BB Good” on the same page. [Source: NickJOnline]
  • Shia LaBeouf spotted exited his chauffeured car to buy cigarettes and a newspaper at a random deli in New York City on Wednesday morning.
  • CallUsFreaks has the real quote: Is it true that you guys intend to stay virgins until marriage? Nick: No. That was a personal statement made under personal circumstances that was made public by somebody. But we wear these rings and they're a constant reminder to us about living a life with values. Kevin: The media twisted it. The rings are like if you tie a string of red lace around your finger to remind you to was your car. It's a goal, a way of living your life with values. Being a gentleman, everything our parents have ever taught us. It's a personal decision. Nick: The virginity thing is part of it, yes, but it's only a part of it and not the main focus.
  • The Jonas Brothers 3D Movie is premiering in UK in May, the boys are not only going to be at the premiere in London, but they are going to be doing some events for promotion over there!
  • A JB fan's experience at a 3D movie concert screening- Saw the movie. AMAZING. Seriously, I would have paid $15 just for the first 5 minutes and the shirtless scene, and the fact that the rest of the concert came with it is a total plus. Plus I saw my friends in it, and the group of us partying in the pit.
    - Everyone was pushy trying to sit in the front for the interview (we went to a different room), but it’s ok. They had a bunch of low couches set up, and my sister and I ended up second row-ish. But I could still mostly see, because I positioned myself between 2 girls. Of course the camera moved around in front of us a lot, but I still saw everything. They had screen up all over the place too.
    - They’re playing the ALBL album before the boys show up, people see Papa J in the back and freak out while still trying to be calm.
    - They handed out those awesome Jonas head cut-outs.
    - The boys came in looking super amazing. Nick sat in the seat directly in front of me, Kevin to his left, and Joe to Kevin’s left. So I saw Joe the least because of the camera and the head of the girl in front of me…whatever. Still hot.
    - About 10 minutes in, Nick’s mic stops working, so while some guy is fixing it, Kevin asks us all if he can ask us questions, we all say “YES!” So he points right at me to ask me a question (the girls in front of me both thought he meant them, but he was all “No no, her right behind you two” ) and asks me what my favorite part of the movie was. I wanted to say “THE SHIRTLESS SCENE” but I thought that would be too much, so I told them that I really love the new song. And they were pleased and were all “Oh did the rest of you like it too” and everyone agrees.
    - During that same time with Nick’s mic being screwy, I basically say “Joe! When are you going to shake your tailfeathers to Single Ladies?” Everyone cracks up (especially Kevin and Nick) and Joe talks about how he’s in training mode right now. Kevin said they discussed whether or not Joe should wear the leotard/unitard thing, but Joe was very against it. XD
    - We learn that the guy fixing Nick’s mic back in the beginning is named Jose, and that apparently the Jonas family calls Joe “Jose” sometimes.
    - THEY ASK MY QUESTION. Basically the process is the boys read the fan-submitted questions from the screen in front of them to each other, and so they started off with mine being all “And this question is from Zeena in ______” and start going on for about 10-20 seconds talking about how cool my name is and how it works with Warrior Princess, all the while I’m like trying to get their attention and tell them that it’s me lol! Nick sees me and is like “Is that you??” And I say yes it is, so they ask me if I get “Warrior Princess” a lot, and I say “Yes, and Girl of the 21st Century!” and everyone laughs, and they say again how cool my name is. And then Nick goes “Awesome, cause now we’re gonna ask your question.” It was about blahblah they sang Japanese in Infatuation, would they like to sing in other languages.
    - One question was about what songs they sing in the shower, and Joe said/sang Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, and then Kevin and Joe both said that they really love…..get this….NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP BY RICK ASTLEY! (THE RICK ROLL SONG) and they sing the chorus and it was amazingly hilarious!
    - One of the Unscripted questions (meaning whichever bro’s turn it was to ask got to make up any question) was from Kevin to Nick. Kevin asks “So Nick, who are you dating these days?” and everyone flips and laughs, knowing he’s joking. Nick does his pointy fingers things and says “Nobody” but now Joe is totally playing this out. He puts on a crazy fan voice and starts going “Who is she??” “Where does she live??” “I swear I won’t do anything bad, I’m just going to take a really big mallet!!!” The whole time everyone’s cracking up, Nick is wiping tears from his eyes, and it was just perfect.
    - At the end, the boys get up to leave and thank everyone, and next thing we know, girls in the front are going up to get to get hugs/get things signed. At this point my sister and I jump over the couches in front of us and separate. I get to Kevin first (after almost tripping over a camera stand in the stampede) and say “Kevin, can I get a hug before I go all Warrior-Princess-like?” and he laughs and says yes. Then I ask Joe for a hug and he laughs and says yes (cause he heard what I said to Kevin). And then I turn to Nick, and before I even open my mouth, he puts his arms around me and says “Thanks for being here, Zeena.” On the inside I was spazzing haha but on the outside I was cool as a cucumber and said “No, thank ~you!” [Source- JonasHQ]
  • Rihanna's beating by Chris Brown started with a text message, reports NYDN. The fight that landed Rihanna in the hospital ignited when singer Chris Brown got a text message from another woman. The source said: 'He got a booty call. He got a text. Rihanna saw it and she got upset. They started to argue. She got out of the car. He wanted her to get back in, so he grabbed her. She pulled away. That's when she's told people he hit her.' Rihanna had 'visible injuries' when cops arrived. She's been cooperating with the investigation ever since, while not speaking with Brown. 'Chris has been trying to contact her. So far she hasn't taken his call. Her family is on their way to be with her. She has some close girlfriend looking after her.'
  • Sonny With a Chance, launching with back-to-back episodes in Sunday's 8 PM, bested the competition, ranking as Sunday's Top 2 TV telecasts in Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14, and as cable's most-watched in total viewers. For the week of February 2, Sonny With a Chance qualified as TV's No. 1 program in Kids 6-11 [1.8 million/7.4 rating] and TV's No. 1 scripted series in Tweens 9-14 [1.6 million/6.4 rating].
  • JB on Jimmy Kimmel Live Feb. 23.