Saturday, December 27, 2008

UPDATE 12/27

  • Camp Rock merchandise is on sale at the Disney Store! So go now :) I got a Camp Rock blanket&pillow set, mirror/billboard, & mug all on sale today!
  • Jonas Brothers had the number 1 concerts according to a local Texas newspaper, the Monitor. Feb. 29, 2008 --- What other band could draw so many “tweens” to Dodge Arena than The Jonas Brothers? The trio of brothers played to a sea of screaming fans when their Look Me in the Eyes tour stopped in Hidalgo during BorderFest.
  • Jordan Francis posted this video yesterday of Demi Lovato singing & playing "Mercy On Me" by Christina Aguilera.

  • There will be a re-run of the Jonas Brothers on Jimmy Kimmel Live on 12/31.
  • According to teens pick the best, worst of 2008, "Band in a Bus" was voted in in the Best Viral Videos category- If you can't get enough of them, you can now keep up with the brothers between concerts. "Lovebug" was voted for a guilty pleasure song- Even Jo Bro haters can appreciate this Jack Johnson-esque piece. For the whole list, go to: