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Date: Apr 30, 2009 11:15 AM
Subject: CALIFORNIA - Party with us MAY 17th before we hit the road!!
Body: We want ALL of you at our show on May 17th in Pomona at the Glass House.

Its going to be one of our last 'parties' before we hit the road for the summer!!

Get your tickets at:

For real, you guys have been so amazing to us since we got out here and we want to give you an amazing night.


California Love,
Michael, Alexander, Jason and Andrew


You Belong With me Music video

Lucas Till stars in the new Taylor Swift video, "You Belong With Me," but he told BOP & Tiger Beat all about his big OMG on the set.

Demi TX Nokia Private Concert

she's good with commercials :)

1st clip-
Selena Gomez & Sam Droke in the Disney Channel failed pilot 'Arwin'.

UK PRESALE/ Lollipops&Rainbows foundation/ JONAS BROTHERS

We have the announcement you’ve been waiting for–details on the JB shows have finally been announced from Birmingham to Manchester!

The Team Jonas Fan club Presale begins Tuesday 5 May at 9AM local and continues through 8 May at 8AM local. Be sure to act fast and get your tickets to the best shows of the year:

17 Nov UK Birmingham LG Arena
18 Nov UK Newcastle Arena
20 Nov UK London Wembley Arena
22 Nov UK Manchester MEN Arena

Click Here for questions concerning the presale. For a list of all Tour dates and more info, visit the Tour section of the fan club site. Not a Team Jonas member? Get all the details here!

Remember that Team Jonas is a fan club, not a ticket club. Premium and Community Membership includes access to ticket presales, but Team Jonas cannot guarantee location or availability. Please follow the instructions for a better presale experience, and good luck!

FYI: Meet and greet contest entrance for these shows on the tour will open up the week of May 11th.

And in case you didn’t see, the London 3D Concert Experience Premiere Sweepstakes winners were announced on the site. Congrats to the winners! And make sure to check out the movie when it comes to your town.

Stay tuned for more show announcements, including additional European presales!

Team Jonas

elebrities invited include The Cyrus Family, Dwayne “The ROCK” Johnson, The Jonas Brothers, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, David & Victoria Beckham, Ryan Sheckler, The Cast of “Twilight”, and many surprise guests!

Here is the event description.

LLIPOPS & RAINBOWS FOUNDATION was founded by 8-year old Emily Grace Reaves (who stars as “Cindy Lou” in the Hannah Montana Movie). Emily, along with family and friends will celebrate the foundation’s official launch with a star-studded, celebrity event at Universal CityWalk!

The foundation is dedicated as a tribute to Emily’s grandfather Dave Reaves who came up with the idea 10 years ago. The event offers free admission to the public and will raise awareness towards 4 special charities closest to Emily’s heart. Emily believes in the power of YOUTH which is what the LOLLIPOPS symbolize. She believes that no matter how young you are, you can make a difference. The RAINBOW symbolizes “beauty of all colors,” regardless of color or race, your true beauty lies within.

The foundation supports (4) specific causes/organizations to encourage everyone to get involved and support their charity of choice:
THE PEACE LOLLIPOP - The Peace Fund (Protect Educate Aid Children Everywhere)
THE FAITH LOLLIPOP - Saint Jude’s Childrens Hospital
THE LOVE LOLLIPOP - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
THE RAINBOW - Children Uniting Nations

Special event includes LIVE performances on the CityWalk stage starting at 6:30 P.M. by Rock Band LAZY RANDY (Braison Cyrus & Josh Reaves), KEANA, Pop Boy Group WOW, and NON-P.

Joe Jonas may have moved on from Taylor Swift with starlet Camilla Belle, but he’ll always have Swift’s song “Forever and Always” to remind him of their time together.

The break-up song doesn’t bother the 19-year-old one bit. “It’s flattering,” Joe tells Seventeen magazine in the June issue. “It’s always nice to hear their side of the story.”

The Jonas Brothers, all currently taken, also dish about what they look for in potential girlfriends. And, ladies, looks can only take you so far. “It’s more about her personality than the way that she dresses,” Nick said. “It’s about who she is as a person and if she feels comfortable in her own skin. But you think that everyone has their own journey to maturity.”

Nick, who reveals that when the guys hit the road later this summer, he’ll be bunking with Joe, added that he and the middle brother find it very easy to confide in one another. “Joe and I are very close on tour — because we share a room together, we talk a lot,” he explained. “It’s a weird thing going from the crowds who you play for to an empty hotel room by yourself. It’s the switching of worlds that can really make you not have a good headspace.”

The brothers new TV show,”JONAS,” premieres in May, and Joe says he hopes to act even more in the future. “I guess, personally, I would love to do more acting — maybe movies, that would be really cool,” he said. “I think Johnny Depp’s work is really great — he always incorporates music into what he does. And maybe write a book one day, because I love to read. ‘The Alchemist’ is my favorite book of all time.”

The guys plan to release their next album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times — which includes the single “Paranoid” — in June. As for any other new music from the guys, we’ll, you’ll have to hear it from one of the other bands they work with.

“We’re actually focusing on other bands. We’ve got a bunch of different artists that we’re starting to work with,” Kevin said. “There’s one band called Honor Society — we’re working on their album right now. We’re producing it and they’re coming out with an album signed to our label. It hasn’t really been fully disclosed yet, but it’s really exciting.”
[Source: MTV]

JONAS better than Hannah/ Chealsea Staub about JONAS

7 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday on the Disney Channel (available now at Disney Channel on Demand on some cable systems).

All the conditions are right for a breakout Disney show starring a trio of dangerously attractive brothers. Nick, the youngest at 16, was just photographed lunching with his ex Miley Cyrus. Flat-ironed Joe, 19, already has cut a swath through young Hollywood, dumping Taylor Swift for Camilla Belle. Even paparazzi magnet John Mayer is doing his part, romancing Scheana Marie, who plays a fantasy pizza delivery girl on the May 16 episode. Then there's the "Jonas Brothers World Tour," which kicks off in June.

All "JONAS" really has to do is be better than the hammy "Hannah Montana" -- and it is. But just barely.

The title is in all caps because it was conceived as a spy show, with the letters standing for Junior Operatives Networking as Spies. But it ended up being about teen superstars who try to live a normal life at school. (Stop me if this sounds familiar.)

Producers have name-dropped "A Hard Day's Night" and HBO's whimsical "Flight of the Conchords." But let's be honest: The high-water mark for this sort of project is "The Monkees." Let me break it down for you:

• Nick = dreamy Davy Jones.

• Joe = goofy Micky Dolenz.

• Kevin = quirky Michael Nesmith.

The "Bonus Jonas," little brother Frankie, is set to guest star on several episodes. Maybe he'll shape up to be Peter Tork-like.

On the episode I screened, Nick was the weak link -- odd, considering he's got Broadway experience. He underplays his part, which is a mistake when you're in competition with gimmicky sound effects. Nick told People magazine, "Kevin is not afraid to go over the top to get a laugh, and I am." So at least he is aware of the problem. But if he's hoping to emerge from this Faustian bargain with Disney with his dignity intact, he is in for profound disappointment.

The boys josh with each other, flirt with girls, slide down fireman poles, make dumb jokes and talk to the camera. Occasionally their rabid fans chase them and try to tear their clothes off. Occasionally the boys break into song. The amateur acting is endearing until they play a scene opposite someone with real comedic timing -- like John Ducey, who plays their dad. He puts Billy Ray Cyrus' plodding one-liners on "Hannah" to shame.

Joe, who wanted to be a comedian before he was a singer, has more fun, and Kevin, 21, is perfectly silly in the show. Kevin can be overshadowed by his hottie brothers and their sugar-buzz love lives, but he emerges as the leader on "JONAS" -- and even dares to reveal a hint of chest hair.

With time, the brothers will probably loosen up. For now, it's slightly more amusing to watch for the creative variations on private school uniforms. If the Jonases' plaid messenger bags start a trend, you'll know the show is a hit.

[Source: Sun Times]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JonasHQ merch

Okay, they have real-bomb diggity Jonas merchandise :)
such as...
Underwear that reads "TOO BAD JOE WILL NEVER SEE THESE"
Shirt that reads "I got bit by the stupid bug and boy did I fall"
Shirt that reads "DOWN WITH THE MAN HEELS"
&more !
check out:

JONAS / DC bumpers

Pretty, blonde actress Chelsea Staub played Meredith in the Bratz movie, was in the Disney Channel TV movie “Minutemen” and now, has one of the most coveted roles in tween/teen-aimed TV! She’s playing Stella, the BFF, fashion stylist, dresser to the Jonas Brothers on their new TV show “Jonas”, premiering on the channel May 2nd! We had to find out what the guys are like to work with, if they’ve played any pranks on her and other on-set secrets!

Get the scoop on all things “Jonas” from this friendly insider! Picture pretty Chelsea with her long blonde hair in an upswept do and wearing a gorgeous yellow Phillip Lim dress, black belt and black flats.

TeenTelevision: Chelsea, a lot of girls would love to be in your shoes. What is it about the Jonas guys that most impressed you?
Chelsea: I think the thing that’s amazing is that they’re actually great people and that’s hard to find these days. I think my first impression was ‘wow, these guys are really great’. About a year ago, when we shot the pilot, I was joking around and made some little stars with their names on them and glitter and decorated the dressing rooms and I went over to their house about a year later and they still had them on the doors to their bedrooms and, for me, it’s was like ‘wow, that’s really cool’ and they didn’t know I was coming over so it wasn’t a put on. It wasn’t staged. I think they’re just really good guys.

TeenTelevision: Such a nice story. What was the auditioning process like for you to get this part that I’m sure a lot of girls wanted?
Chelsea: It was long and grueling. It’s actually a funny story. Nicole [Anderson of "Hannah Montana"] and I were both up for [the part of] Stella and we were friends and I got the part and she didn’t. So, as happy as I was to be working with the Jonas Brothers, it was really hard to watch your friend walk away from that role. Now, she’s on the show [Nicole plays Macy, a superfan of the guys]. We shot the pilot and I probably auditioned for maybe five times for the role of Stella with callbacks and more people would be in the room each time. And then, the last audition was with the guys.

TeenTelevision: How was that?
Chelsea: That was cool. I wasn’t as nervous as I probably would be now auditioning because when we originally shot the pilot, it was before the Miley tour and “Burnin’ Up”. It was before even “S.O.S.” hit the airwaves so they weren’t really the phenomenon they are now. So the first pilot was fun. We were all like ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if people like watched it’? [we laugh].

TeenTelevision: Which Jonas has been more funny?
Chelsea: Kevin is hilarious on the show. Nick is the more serious one and Joe is like the crazy prankster.

TeenTelevision: So, other than Jonas music, what kind of music has been played on set?
Chelsea: We have a lot of music on set. With them being artists, we’re constantly listening to music in the make-up room. There’s a lot of Kings of Leon, a lot of music to kind of mellow us out and between scenes they’re always thinking and writing songs. They have some great music. They’re always introducing me to new artists.

TeenTelevision: Are you ready for all the Jonas fans who are going to rush up to you saying ‘OMG, what are they like?’ or “Can you get me into the show?’
Chelsea: Oh yeah. It’s already starting. It’s funny. I have a whole box at home filled with notes and phone numbers for them. So about once a month I’m like ‘here’s your box’. People have given me certificates when they’ve bought a star in the sky named after the guys so it’s pretty incredible.

TeenTelevision: What has your biggest gift to yourself or splurge been since getting the show?
Chelsea: My biggest splurge was going to Paris. That was my gift. I went over Christmas and New Years. I went with my two best girlfriends. I had never been out of the country and this was my first time. We did everything. We were only there for five days but we saw all the museums and the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and we also went out dancing and walked around the city until midnight. It was great.

TeenTelevision: Did you buy a lot of clothes?
Chelsea: We didn’t shop; three girls in Paris. You should have seen us too. We went home with no bags in our hands when we walked off the plane and our moms were like ‘what?’

TeenTelevision: So you aren’t a shopaholic?
Chelsea: I’m actually not. That’s why it’s so funny to play Stella because fashion and shopping have never really been a passion of mine. I like to just wear what’s comfortable. I like to get dressed up but I’ve never been the girl that’s walking slow-motion through the mall with eight shopping bags.

TeenTelevision: What would people be surprised to know about shooting the Jonas show?
Chelsea: I think people would be surprised at probably how long it takes. A lot of the kids just think ‘oh, that’s so fun. They just go out there and put on a show in a half hour but we shoot twelve hours a day, five days a week! I’m there from six in the morning to six at night so it’s a grueling process.

TeenTelevision: Do you get input into the episodes?
Chelsea: There are so many storylines we want to do. Too many to fit into 21 episodes. I know we were backstage today and something funny happened and we were all like ‘you’ve got to write this in!. I was really nervous and the guys are like ‘you’ve got to write a scene’ because I was shivering and was like ‘I’m cold but I’m sweating. It doesn’t make any sense’. They were like ‘you’ve got to write a scene where Stella has a panic attack before a concert’.

TeenTelevision: Who would you like to guest star on the show?
Chelsea: I’d love to have Goldie Hawn come on as my mom. I have no mom on the show yet, so I’m hoping.

TeenTelevision: Any funny pranks played on you by the Jonases yet?
Chelsea: There have been plenty of them. The funniest so far is I thought I was fired! The boys cleared all my furniture out [of my dressing room]. They had to put Joe in a cheerleader lift so he could unscrew my lightblubs. I walked in and it’s empty and dark and there’s a note saying to ‘please see our producers!

TeenTelevision: I’d wanna kill them!
Chelsea: It was funny but scary.

TeenTelevision: Are you gonna get them back with your own prank?
Chelsea: We have one in the works; me and Nicole and pretty much everyone on the crew because they saw me walk onto set saying ‘you guys. I think I’m fired’. So people are coming up to me every day with ‘what about this idea?’

TeenTelevision: Do you all have any love interests on the show?
Chelsea: There are guest star love interests that come in and out every couple of episodes but Stella has grown up with these boys and they’ve known each other for fifteen years and now that they are teenagers, she finds herself conflicted that she’s starting to become attracted to one of them. I can’t say which one.

TeenTelevision: Are the guys going to perform songs we know or new stuff on the show?
Chelsea: It’s all original songs. You’re not gonna hear ‘Burnin’ Up’. Songs they perform will be new ones that the fans haven’t heard. You’ll see them performing but they do it in a music video type way rather than just on stage in a concert.

TeenTelevision: Are you a singer too?
Chelsea: I sang in a movie and I’ll sing for the character but I haven’t approached the idea of recording an album.

TeenTelevision: What nice thing have the guys done for you?
Chelsea: Nick makes awesome Nutella sandwiches and whenever he makes one, he makes an extra for me. We’ll look at each other on set and Nick will go ‘do you know what time it is?’ and we’ll just walk over to the craft services (food) table without even saying anything and start making the sandwiches.

TeenTelevision: Is there another Disney show you would like to be on?
Chelsea: Probably “Hannah Montana”. I love Miley and that would be fun.

TeenTelevision: What are you driving?
Chelsea: Probably, the first car I get will be a hybrid. You know I’m 20 and I’m still driving my dad’s hand-me-down car, a Mitzubishi.

TeenTelevision: What was a memorable romantic date for you?
Chelsea: I know one date we went up on the roof of the Barnes and Noble at The Grove and that was cool to be able to look down at everyone below and have our own little spot.

TeenTelevision: How do you let a guy know that you like him?
Chelsea: I’ve always just waited to him to make the first move. I’ve never been able to be like ‘Hey, let’s start hangin’ out’. Obviously I try to be as approachable as possible.

TeenTelevision: What is the craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
Chelsea: They always say I’m dating one of the boys but nothing too crazy yet.

TeenTelevision: What is the best advice you have ever gotten?
Chelsea: Someone just told me one time ‘you’ve got to just live to the point of tears’ which I thought was great. Whether you’re upset or laughing so hard that you’re crying, I’ve always loved that. Just get it done. I think it was my mom that found it one day when I was upset. ‘you’ve just got to live to the point of tears’ and I was like ‘all right! I like that’.

TeenTelevision: Do you have a cause or charity that you support?
Chelsea: I went to the Carousel of Hope which raises money for diabetes and that was cool to be a part of now, knowing Nick; wanting to give back when it directly effects someone that I care about.

Source: Teen Television

Jonas Brothers Seventeen Photoshoot

Nick Jonas told Seventeen: I think you have to laugh sometimes when the younger fans are like 'Will you marry me?' and all that stuff. It's kind of comical, but we're flattered by it.. The biggest misconception about Joe is that people..

..think that he's always what he is on YouTube, which is kind of crazy and jumping off walls. It's funny because he's like I can't always be like that. But when he's on, he's really on..

Joe and I are very close on tour. Because we share a room together, we talk a lot. It's a weird thing going from the crowds who you play for to an empty hotel room by yourself. It's the switching of worlds that can really make you not
have a good head space.

Kevin: You always see celebrities that look so bad when they're just walking around on the street or something on a Saturday morning. They look like..

..they just rolled out of bed and they probably did because every one of their days is spent in hair and makeup or in front of the camera so it's like, when you don't have to, you're not going to.

Joe: I would love to do more acting, maybe movies, that would be really cool. I think Johnny Depp's work is really great, he always incorporates music into what he does. 

Sexy outtakes under!

HMM! DOES THAT MEAN JOE'S GOING SOLO TO ACT? million dollar question!

Jonas art/ replies from celebs/ celebs i've met :)

since there's not much news today.
i have to share some personal art work by me & my friends :)

before: by Jasmine

after: by Jeffrey

Hoedown Throwdown: by Jasmine

Jonas Brothers & Sisters: by Jasmine

Mr. & Mrs. Jonas: by Kristen

27 Second Phonecall: by Megan

Jas-Rex: by Laura

Zac Efron, Joe&Ryan: by Erica

Twitter @ replies

Myspace messages

who i've met.

tony from kaba modern

lydia paek

quest crew




Demi Lovato Stop Bullying/ People's Most Beautiful/ new SWAC

Don't hate them because they're beautiful. Hate them because they're the most beautiful.

People has unveiled its annual ode to aesthetics, aka its 100 Most Beautiful People list, and, in addition to usual suspects Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Halle Berry and reigning Sexiest Man Alive Hugh Jackman, some of Hollywood's newest faces made the superficial cut.

The beautiful inside-and-out Christina Applegate scored the double issue's coveted cover for gracefully and publicly making it through her battle with breast cancer and subsequent double mastectomy, which she underplayed as a "rollercoaster of emotions…"

"A part of you is gone," she said. "It's a decision that you made to save your life."

Meanwhile, representing the younger contingent of annual eye candy is Slumdog Millionaire's maybe-couple Freida Pinto and Dev Patel, Twilight's onscreen-only couple (sorry, fanggirls) Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and at least two of the three Jonas Brothers.

The Disney delegation was once again strong, with box-office champ Zac Efron leading the pack. Joining him in their rightful place among the beautiful people are Nick and Joe Jonas, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Also contributing to the fresh-faced brigade are country cuties Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, and, for the first time, Emmas Watson and Roberts and possible Twilight franchise addition Channing Tatum.

Former Mouse House charge Christina Aguilera also made the cut, posing for her spread with 15-month-old son Max.

And unlike this year's Bachelor, People apparently knew better than to mess with a scorned woman: Rose-ceremony casualty turned Dancing With the Stars frontrunner Melissa Rycroft snagged a pictorial in the issue, as did recently ousted pro dancer Julianne Hough.

Among those grinning and baring their beauty are Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner, who join Pitt, Jolie, Jackman and Berry in being acknowledged for their megawatt smiles. Perpetual beauty Heidi Klum also made the cut.

Baring a little more than the others are Eva Mendes, Cindy Crawford, Claire Danes, Amanda Bynes, Ciara, American Idol's controversial new judge Kara DioGuardi and the girls of 90210—Jessica Stroup, AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Lowndes and Shenae Grimes—all of whom readied for their close-up without the aid of makeup.

To prove that beauty isn't only skin deep, the mag also rounded up a list of the nation's biggest comedy crushes, doing their best to equate humor with hotness, leading with Late Night successor and surprising ratings booster Jimmy Fallon.

"Thank god my wife finds a sense of humor attractive, or else I'd be in trouble," he said.

Parks & Recreation double act Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones, 30 Rock force of nature Liz Lemon Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live's Kristen Wiig, Ellen's ladylove Portia de Rossi, Judd Apatow wife and utility player Leslie Mann and E!'s own late-night lovely Chelsea Handler rounded out the list of ha-ha hotties.

Meanwhile, the magazine didn't ignore the nation's Beltway beauties.

Led by first lady Michelle Obama, with an assist from her guns, a group of Washington power players made up People's list of "Barack's Beauties." She was joined by White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and White House Chef Sam Kass.

Turning heads and taking names. People's complete rundown of the 2009 100 Most Beautiful People in the World will be available in the magazine's 20th annual issue, but in the meantime, did the rag get it right? Who else should have been included on the list?


premieres this sunday on Disney channel

Lines, Vines, and Trying Times (with song about Miley!)

Hollywood Records
press release: Jonas Brothers' new album Lines, Vines and Trying Times is scheduled for world wide release June 16. Ramp up kicks off May 8 with the release of first single 'Paranoid.' On May 8, 'Paranoid' will roll out to radio and online worldwide.

The video for 'Paranoid' will be directed by The Malloys, who previously worked with Jonas Brothers on their 'Burnin' Up.' video. They've incorporated horns into several songs, as well as harmonicas and peddle steel guitars. 'Paranoid' is
a guitar driven dance evoking song.

'World War III' is a funk metaphor for a confrontational relationship. Written by Nick Jonas, he asserts, 'This is a personal experience for me. 'World War III' deals with the challenge of a girl who keeps attacking you, provoking you,
trying to fight you, but all the while she's the only one fighting.'


'Fly With Me' which is also the end title credit for the upcoming Night At The Museum 2 film, due in theaters May 22, was written by Jonas Brothers and their bass player Greg Garbowsky, and is sure to become a love song

for the ages. On 'Poison Ivy' Jonas Brothers added a horn section.

Rolling Stone described 'Poison Ivy' as a 'Weezer-ish tune about a toxic girl
that you can't resist.' 'Hey Baby
' is a classic 'she done him wrong" song written entirely by Jonas Brothers. Nick explains, 'We wrote this song for the last record while on the road and felt the old school sound was more cohesive with our present style.'

With all these themes, it's easy to see how Jonas Brothers came up with the title Lines, Vines and Trying Times. Says Joe Jonas, 'Lines are the proverbial lines people will feed you, and vines are obstacles that get in your way.' Adds Kevin Jonas, 'Trying Times can be relationships, or anything personal to you. No one is alone in that; we all go through it.'

Following the release of Lines, Vines and Trying Times Jonas Brothers are set to embark on the US portion of their Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 on June 20 in Dallas. The tour features guests Jordin Sparks and Honor Society.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miley, 'If I Was Bigger I'd Be 'Too Fat''

Miley Cyrus is very upset with online criticism, claiming that if she'd was smaller, she be deemed 'too skinny' and if she was bigger she'd be called
'too fat'. Miley told the press:

'I think they're hard on the celebrities featured but the kids that go on there as well. I'm a normal girl and if I was any smaller, I'd be 'too skinny' and if I was any bigger I'd be 'too fat,' there's never perfection.

But if the sites show pictures of me on the red carpet and then kids think 'that's what you're supposed to look like.' I think it gets people mixed up- not only the celebrities, but the kids reading it as well. I think it's all trash.'

to be perfectly honest, i feel bad for all these celebs getting punished for every little thing. its like the world is waiting for them to do something wrong. & you really can't deny that they're people too.

My Great Movie/ Selena Gomez Say Now

So me & Megan re-made Demi & Selena's "My Great Movie"
subscribe :]

She talks about an upcoming live chat, her new album, & movie.

Demi on Kidd Kraddick

she sounds amazing :)


this is such a cute promo (:

Denise Jonas on Jonas babies & girls :)

Denise Jonas interview with J-14 about her boys. What were the boys like as babies? Oh boy! Kevin wouldn't wake up to eat. He was just so sleepy. And Joe had an adorable face, my husband's grandmother would always say, 'Joseph is too pretty to be a boy.' He used to take the buster and turn it upside down and push it around because he liked the way it sounded.

What's the most mischievous thing they did when they were little? Joseph found these pills and was passing them out to neighborhood kids. He said they were candy! We had to call the poison control and the kids' moms were so upset. I don't think anyone swallowed them. They were just aspirin or something!'

Did the boys ever pick on each other? Kevin used to put Joseph up to stuff and what's really funny is that now I'm just finding stuff out! Kevin was so convincing and we'd always believe him. He would blame Joseph! And Joe couldn't defend himself in a way that was super-outgoing! Nick would never get into trouble. He was a non-mischievous kid.

What kind of girl would you like to see them end up with? I hope they find girls who respects them. I think that a girl has to not be all about herself and has to understand that there are times when there are other priorities.

She has to be flexible. Otherwise, with the life that she would lead, or with anyone that works to hard, you need to be flexible. They're just great guys. They'd be great boyfriends for any girl.'

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Simple Wins blog update: Hey everyone. I thought I would check in from my vacation, we were able to take a few days and relax before heading out on our world tour. Earlier in the month we put the finishing touches on our new CD! I am very proud of the work my brothers & I created.

I can't wait for you to hear it. A couple weeks ago we did a show at Atlantis in the Bahamas. We go back there for another performance in early May as well. My family just loves it there. In Addition to going back to the Bahamas..

the beginning of May has some great things scheduled. May 1st, be sure to check out my appearance on the TV show
'The Doctors'. It is a great segment about diabetes..
Then on May 2nd our TV series JONAS debuts on the Disney Channel! It
was a lot of fun filming that so we hope that you enjoy it. The rest of May I will
be rehearsing for the upcoming world tour and then the first stop of the tour is in South America. We are going to some places that we have never seen before so we are really looking forward to it.

Bayer & I kicked off the creativity contest this month and before I go I wanted to tell you that I am so impressed with the submissions we have received thus far. You all are truly a creative bunch of people and have so many different ways of expressing your talents.

If you haven't seen it, make sure you go to to check out all the great submissions and vote for your favorite! We are picking a different winner each month. If you haven't done so, be sure to enter and turn in your submission today.

Keep up the good work.My simple win this month? Managing my highs and lows so I only have to focus on making new music. Make it a great day! -Nick

Nick Jonas and dad Paul Jonas chowed down Burger King burgers and fries
at Nashville International Airport, Tennessee on Monday morning. Nick was in Nashville writing in recording music with several artists including Jordan Pruitt and Leeland.

Jily breakup MAYBE/ Niley Rumors

Miley Cyrus addressed rumors that she broke up with Justin Gaston on 'The Paul O'Grady Show'. Little girl asked, 'Do you have a boyfriend in real life?' Miley, 'Maybe, maybe not.'

Chelsea Handler & her panel discuss whether Nick & Miley are back together.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New JONAS promo/ JB 3D Concert DVD/ new JB merch/ live Mandy podcast

Monday, April 27, 2009
Category: Music

Only one more week till the premiere of our new TV series, JONAS! We can’t wait for you guys to see it and we are even more excited about your SERIES LAUNCH PARTIES!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out for your series launch party kit, fun games, and more info about our show!

We appreciate you guys so much and want to thank you for EVERYTHING you do for us.

In fact, we want to do something for you….check out for a chance to win a trip for four to attend our final LIVE dress rehearsal for our WORLD TOUR 2009!

And don’t forget to download your own Radio Disney/OH MY JONAS picture off FFE!! Thanks for helping us live our dream!

Kevin, Joe and Nick

Making an early alert to retailers, Disney has set a late-June bow for the Jonas Brothers big-screen musical epic ‘The 3-D Concert Experience’ to Blu-ray in late-June.

Following a brief theatrical run earlier this year and a box office take north of $30 million, ‘Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience’ will hit Blu-ray on June 30, day-and-date with the DVD.

Tech specs will mirror those on Disney’s earlier 3-D Blu-ray release of ‘Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert Tour,’ and provide 2-D and 3-D viewing options of the film on a BD-50 dual-layer disc in 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 video and DTS-HD Lossless Master Audio 5.1 Surround.

There’s no word yet on bonus features, aside from a second standard DVD disc with a Digital Copy of the film. We’ll keep you posted.

Suggested retail price for the Blu-ray has been set at $44.95.

You’ll find the latest specs for ‘Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience’ linked from our Blu-ray Release Schedule, where it’s indexed under June 30.

Toys R Us
is having a tote bag of the Jonas Brothers for $10!
It's super cutee (:

The Jonas Brothers’ best friend, Mandy Van Duyne is going to be on WZAP Radio tonight, April 27th to talk about what she is up to and of course, she probably will mention the Jonas Brothers! You can get the podcast when it airs
She was the inspiration for the Jonas Brothers’ breakout single, Mandy — as well as Joe Jonas’ main squeeze. Now Mandy Van Duyne has got a role in the short horror flick Consumption, she’ll talk about it all on WZAP Radio tonight at 8:00.

Telena !

Selena Gomez hugging rumored boyfriend Taylor Lautner at the Cactus Club in Coquitlam. According to Lainey Gossip, Taylor and Selena Gomez had a dinner date at the Cactus club on Saturday night: They emerged in great spirits, both with big smiles on their faces, Selena held on to Taylor's arm.

At one point, after they had become separated and she fell behind to sign autographs, she ran back up to join him, throwing her arms around his neck, both bursting into giggles

[Source: OU]


Veronicas & JB

Joe Jonas
and Lisa Origliasso dined in Sydney on Saturday night after spending the afternoon at a rugby league game with Lisa's twin Jess, a Disney publicist and a minder, reports Herald Sun. Joe headed back to the States today.

They became friends after The Veronicas toured with the Jonas Brothers in
the US last year. Jess said: 'Those boys are as cool and as nice as they appear. They are really cool and not uptight and don't censor themselves. There is not much to censor, they are honest and real, and we really admire them."

Lisa has been dating Reeve Carney, lead singer of the band Carney. Jess is reportedly dating his brother Zane. JONAS SPOTTING: Kevin was seen at Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey with girlfriend Danielle.

Joe Jonas appears to have had a very relaxing and pleasurable vacation in Sydney, Australia with his hosts The Veronicas

, Jess and Lisa. On Sunday, he went to church and out to dinner with Lisa.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Honor Society in SD

Next show:
Honor Society
Glass House
Pomona, CA
Sun, May 17, 2009 07:00 PM


Pizza Girl Lyrics:
Showed up
At my door
Might sound cheesy
But I wanted

I fell in love with the pizza girl,
Now I eat pizza every day.
I fell in love with the pizza girl,
Now I eat pizza every day.

Was stuck
in a box
for so long
I see
that the pizza girl
she’s the one for me

I fell in love with the pizza girl,
Now I eat pizza every day
I feel in love with the pizza girl,
Now I eat pizza
Now I eat pizza
Now I eat pizza every day

Music sensations the Jonas Brothers have a new series (May 2 premier) on the Disney Channel. Simply called JONAS, it’s a super-charming comedy that has Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas playing the fictional Lucas Brothers who are rock and roll superstars trying to deal with the pressure of the business.

Unpredictable and often absurd situations are created as they try to live ordinary lives, just like the Jonas boys.

In the real world, Kevin says the crazy, stressed out situations that their TV characters go through for big laughs on the half-hour show, are not too much a part of the life he leads. “We have an amazing team around us. We’re just like normal guys. We like to hang out with friends. We go shopping. We go see movies. But we just work a lot at the same time, but we love it.”

The show combines two main ingredients for a successful Disney show– music and comedy, not to mention great stars. “Our cast is incredible,” Kevin says, giving credit to costars Chelsea Staub (Minutemen), Nicole Anderson (Hannah Montana), John Ducey (Will and Grace), and Rebecca Creskoff (Mad Men).

Joe reveals, “Going into it, we were pretty nervous. We weren’t sure how we would do. We did Camp Rock (the Disney Channel TV movie), but doing a television series, we didn’t know exactly how it would roll out. It’s been a lot of fun. And it’s just a great opportunity so far.”

The famous brothers are happy that their little brother Frankie will also be featured on the show. “It’s cool for him. We didn’t know how he would do, and he’s been surprising us every day with how well he does.”

Word on the set is that eight-year-old Frankie is known as “the bonus Jonas.”

Of course, fans know that all the Jonas boys started young. Nick and Joe were on Broadway before they ever created their family band with Kevin. Nick says, “Joe and I were on Broadway. I can remember being in Annie Get Your Gun, and I forgot my cue to go onstage.” Nick recalls the star of the musical, Reba McEntire took it in stride and told him “That’s why they call it live.”

The Jonas Brothers will continue to do live concerts when they can, because that’s still part of living their dreams.

Joe says, “We’re so used to doing music, that this gives us a great opportunity to have acting and music involved. It’s an easy transition for us because we’re natural musicians. But acting is something that’s totally different for us.”

They will still be recording too. “I think we found a real home with Hollywood Records and our partnership with Disney. It just feels right. And we’re having a great time with everything,” reports Nick.

The JONAS main title theme song is “Live to Party,” written and recorded by the Jonas Brothers. The episodes will also features original Jonas Brothers songs created especially for the show. That’s something else that Nick loves about the experience. “Writing songs for the show has been a really cool experience because they’ll give us kind of like an outline of what they need for the episode,” Nick explains. “And we’ve been joking now that we don’t have to get our hearts broken to write a song about heartbreak It’s a lot easier way to do it.”

Joe says, “it’s really cool because when we co-wrote with Demi (Lavato from Camp Rock) on her record, it was a different kind of feel because we had to think from a girl’s perspective. And that was the first time we ever had to do that.”

Joe thinks it’s great to have the opportunity to have the creative team behind the show tell him they need a song “about a situation that you like this person, but you kind of feel sick about it. So they’ll get us to really think about it and come up with a song. It’s great to keep us involved in that aspect. And it’s been a lot of fun.”

Gary Marsh, president of entertainment for Disney Channels Worldwide, says, “The true test of artists is their willingness to stretch creatively, to tackle new challenges. The Jonas Brothers, already established as music superstars, have don just that with JONAS, by stretching beyond their established comfort zone into the world of television comedy. And what makes them great performers on the stage, their talent for relating to and connecting with their audience, serves them perfectly as comedic actors.”

That’s just how they roll.

Source: Entertainment Today

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Pop music stars The Jonas Brothers — Kevin, Joe and Nick — are about to become TV stars.

Not that TV is new territory for them. Disney Channel is largely responsible for their success — through music videos and an appearance in last summer’s “Camp Rock” — so it makes sense that the cable network will be the home of their first weekly TV series, “JONAS” (8 p.m. Saturday).

In the program, the brothers play a fictional fraternal rock band just trying to live normal lives despite their fame. Their TV characters have the same first names, but their last name is Lucas. Executive producer Michael Curtis said the band is called JONAS because in the show the boys live on Jonas Street

“We’ve tried to create a fusion of a sitcom and a music video and use original Jonas Brothers songs as the foundation to glue it together,” said Gary Marsh, entertainment president of Disney Channels Worldwide.

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour in January, Marsh described “JONAS” as a cross between “The Monkees” and “Flight of the Conchords;” producers compared the show to The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night.”

During one rainy beach trip, the brothers watched episodes of “The Monkees” and “The Partridge Family,” so they had some idea of what to expect from “JONAS.”

“I think for us, we were excited to incorporate our music into this process,” Kevin Jonas said. “It adds a whole other element for us. That’s where our passion is in our hearts.”

The littlest “bonus Jonas,” Frankie, will also appear along with their real-life head of security, Big Rob Feggans, who plays a similar role in the fictional universe of “JONAS.”

The show’s original concept had the brothers playing spies.

“Their cover was blown by Dick Cheney,” executive producer Curtis joked. “The spy concept was very big and very ambitious and it started to not feel quite right. As the band got bigger and bigger, doing a show that captured more of their real lives and trying to turn that into a more grounded, real version of what they might be doing became more interesting to do and more fun to do.”

During the Disney Channel press conference in January, Nick was the quickest to answer questions on behalf of the brothers. He also said he’s had the most difficult time transitioning to acting.

“I’m kind of a perfectionist. I’m very hard on myself when it comes to the acting,” Nick said, adding that it’s been difficult to translate his own personality to the TV character that’s loosely based on him. “In real life I have a very dry sense of humor and sometimes I can’t master that on camera. I’m still learning.”

As for how they keep grounded, the brothers said they could go wild and trash their guitars on stage but then “it would be on YouTube,” Joe said.

The Internet is clearly on their minds when they were asked about rumors that surface, like the notion that one of the brothers might go solo.

“I don’t think so,” Joe said, looking at his brothers, “unless one of you guys wants to lay it out here.”

“Rumors are always out there,” Kevin said. “I just joined a wrestling club in Asia is a new one.”

“Are you serious?” Joe joked. “That’s just awesome.”

“You just roll with it,” Kevin said. “You know who you are and what’s true and you just laugh about it.”

“Sometimes comedians will make jokes about you at an awards show,” Joe said, referring to Russell Brand at the MTV Video Music Awards last year, “and you have to laugh it off because that’s their job. It’s kind of flattering. It’s like, wow, they used me as their prop.”

Source: Post-Gazette

by: TEAM FFE (2 hours ago)

Hey Everyone!

Only one more week till the premiere of our new TV series, JONAS! We can’t wait for you guys to see it and we are even more excited about your SERIES LAUNCH PARTIES! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out for your series launch party kit, fun games, and more info about our show! Also, be sure to watch the Disney Channel on saturday at 8pm for one last sneak peak clip before our premiere!

We appreciate you guys so much and want to thank you for EVERYTHING you do for us. In fact, we want to do something for you….check out for a chance to win a trip for four to attend our final LIVE dress rehearsal for our WORLD TOUR 2009! And don’t forget to download your own Radio Disney/OH MY JONAS picture off FFE!!

Thanks for helping us live our dream!

JB, Kevin, Joe and Nick

New stills:


Universal Records executives went into panic mode when they realized the title of the Jonas Brothers new album 'Lines, Vines And Trying Times' contained a word often linked to cocaine, reports The Sun.

Source revealed: 'Universal only get involved with distribution and promotion when the record is completed. They were stunned staff at Hollywood Records had failed to spot the 'lines' reference.'

They have already begun damage limitation by issuing a statement from Nick explaining the title: 'Lines are something someone feeds you. Vines are things that get in the way and trying times, well, that's obvious.'

A friend of mine let me know that Nick Jonas is in Nashville, TN to record 3 songs with Jordan Pruitt. My friend is friends with someone whos dad knows Jordan’s dad. Wow… that was confusing.

I was talking to Jordan’s dad and my dad started asking him about Nick. He said that Nick and Jordan have been hanging out together and recording duets. There will be 3 bonus tracks on her album that are duets with Nick, and he is currently in TN. Jordan is performing songs she wrote with Jonas on the Demi tour.

Source: Jessica from Florida.

Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers reveals he has received many love advice, but the best one comes from his dad. “I’ve gotten a lot of advice from my dad - be wise and have integrity,” he opens up in an interview with Seventeen magazine for its June edition. “I’m young, so my dating life and my relationships are still in their beginning stages. Part of the journey in life is the learning you do along the way and seeing what happens.”

Still in the same interview, Nick’s older brother Joe Jonas shares things he is desperate to do in the next five years. “I guess personally, I would love to do more acting, maybe movies - that would be really cool,” the 19-year-old Jonas says. “I think Johnny Depp’s work is really great - he always incorporates music into what he does. And maybe write a book one day, because I love to read. ‘The Alchemist’ is my favorite book of all time.”
Source: Esparza Magazine

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing great. We have finished our new CD and TV show. We are now enjoying some much needed time off. It is amazing to stop and rest but we can’t stop thinking about how much we want to sing and perform our new songs for you this year.

Next week will be the premiere of our new Disney Channel TV show, JONAS. We really hope you love it. We worked hard on it.

There will be a lot of new stuff coming your way in the next few weeks. There will be some real surprises. Keep checking back for updates on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SayNow, etc.


Kevin, Joe and Nick

A scruffy Joe Jonas takes in the sights of Sydney, Australia with good pals The Veronicas on Saturday afternoon (April 25).

The 19-year-old musician took in a few shows down Sydney’s nightclub strip in Kings Cross. The paparazzi that were lurking spooked Joe and he wouldn’t come out of the taxi they came in.

The Veronicas recently covered the JoBros‘ “Burnin’ Up‘” on Pepsi Smash’s Cover Art. They’ll also appear on the season finale of 90210.

Fearless Tour

White Horse (talks about Joe Jonas):
Love Story:
You Belong With Me:
Teardrops on my Guitar:
Best DAy:
Taht's the Way I loved you:

After a two hour show at Roberts Stadium backed with a solid band, dancers, a morphing stage set and special effects, it's easy to understand why Taylor Swift's music has become a radio sensation.

Swift, who kicked off her "Fearless" tour Thursday night in Evansville, can sing, rock on her acoustic, hammer out a tune on the piano, heck, she can even make banging on a set of old rusty barrels sound good (which she did.)

The 19-year-old kept the sold out crowd (a large part of it girls, ages 4-17) screaming, jumping and swaying for two solid hours to hits like “Fearless,” “Love Story” and “Picture to Burn.”

With the help of costumes, graphics and her elaborate stage set, Swift put on a show for everyone in attendance. Two circular portions raised off of the platform stage played a role in most songs including her opening number “You Belong With Me,” in which she rose from the floor of the circular stage in a high school band uniform.

A Victorian theme took over for “Love Story.” During “Forever and Always,” Swift riled up the crowd by throwing a chair across the stage before disappearing through the trap door to prepare for her acoustic set, which started smack in the middle of section 10, to the joy of hundreds of fans who received hugs and handshakes from the singer.

Swift’s presence alone caused a lot of screaming, but the fans did a lot of singing, too. During “Our Song” their voices sounded as clear as if they were coming out of the speakers, and Swift asked fans to join her on “Tim McGraw,” her first release.

She kept the audience engaged throughout the show, telling stories fans could relate to from having a broken heart to not fitting in.

One of the highlights of the show came when Swift transitioned from her song “You're Not Sorry” to Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around.” Swift played the piano, but the band, especially the guitarists and drummer, can take credit for giving the rendition it’s hard rock edge that brought more whoops and hollers from the audience.

In true superstar fashion, Swift saved the best for last giving fans a hyped up reproduction of her “Should’ve Said No” performance from the 2008 American Country Music Awards. ‘Rain’ spilled from the rafters in Roberts onto the performer as she belted out the lyrics of her encore’s last song.

Former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler and country group, Gloriana, preceded Swift, each act exploding with talent. Pickler brought the audience to its feet using the chords that garnered her a spot in the top six on American Idol. And her personality and sparkling platform heels won over those who weren’t familiar with her music.

But her songs “Red High Heels” and “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” had the crowd dancing and singing. I have to mention Pickler’s guitarist, who gave an amazing solo following “Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You,” During it I forgot I was at a show dominated by country acts.

Members of Gloriana were also impressive as they harmonized their way through a short but impressive set of upbeat country. The mandolin played by member Cheyenne Kimball added an almost eerie yet soothing sound to “Lead Me On.” Both opening acts joined Swift on stage during “I’m Only Me.”


Selena Gomez & Taylor Lautner- Taylena? / PPP/ Camp Rock Down Under

Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner's date at the Cactus Club in Vancouver CONFIRMED. Taylena were photographed leaving the restaurant with the same bodyguard from their Caffe Arigiano date this week. They were both hiding behind the body guard, trying not to be seen.
Selena Gomez and her new boy friend Taylor Lautner were spotted at the Cactus Club today. From Emily: My friend Iris saw Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner together at the Cactus Club in New Westminster [Around there]. She didn't meet her, but she definitely saw them together..' Taylena love!

official website launched:

new stills:

Niley or Jiley ? / Miley off the Paparazzi

GEEZ, first selena now miley.
watch out for demi !

Miley Cyrus
Tweeted about Nick Jonas
, Justin Gaston dating rumors: regarding 'rumor' i like to keep my private life as private as possible. justin and nick are two very amazing people and they both mean so much to me. it makes me sad to think that people out there arent friends with THEIR ex bf, because let me tell u it IS possible. i heard once 'u can love more than one.. your life but there is only one love of your life' i love both of them so much and they are both very dear to my heart. justin is an amazing person! he can always make me laugh and has a heart of gold. and nick is so lovely. he reaches out to so many people with his music..

..not only with his talent but with his heart. our love for music is something that keeps our friendship together and I KNOW NO MATTER he will be my friend forver. so there thats all i will say about this stupidddd rumor.

Miley Cyrus interview with Mirror UK. Miley claims that she isn't dating her one true love Nick Jonas again, but they are 'best friends': 'We aren't back together. I don't think people know how to make an ex-boyfriend a best friend and it seems impossible. But when you have known each other as long as we have,

..we did have such a great relationship. Even he has said, 'We don't know what will happen in the future but for right now we know we are best friends.' It's also not bad having a best friend with a Mustang. I have my Prius and he has got
the Mustang.' On Hannah Montana:

'I can't be Hannah Montana til I'm 30. But I want to carry on as long as people are liking episodes. And there are other dreams I have as well. I am about to start work on a new film called The Last Song. It's a very dramatic role and I think it is going to change how people picture me a lot.

It's kind of cool but weird when you go into a store and you see people buying your face. That's weird. I don't want to make movies so I can be on a T-shirt. I'll be happy when I am known for something else apart from that. It's awesome and it is cool and has become bigger than I could ever imagine.'