Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kathy Griffin trash talking JB & Taylor Swift/ JB hosting MuchMusicAwards

she said Joe looked like Sanjaya ):
dude, this is fucking mean.

Only MuchMusic can induce heart palpitations and ear deafening decibels of this magnitude! The 2009 MUCHMUSIC VIDEO AWARDS (aka the event of the year) is back, co-hosted by the Jonas Brothers. The larger than life trio, who have two platinum albums in Canada, return to Much HQ after leaving downtown Toronto in unprecedented ruins following the most insane LIVE@MUCH the nation has ever seen. Last July, 6,000+ screaming Jonas Brothers fans demonstrated their devotion, some lining up for more than two days to meet their idols.

The 2009 MUCHMUSIC VIDEO AWARDS airs live Sunday, June 21.

In addition to their MMVAs co-hosting duties, the GRAMMY®-nominated band performs for the Jonas-crazy crowd the day after they open The Jonas Brothers 2009 World Tour, which has seven upcoming Canadian dates and has been selling out across North America and Europe. Their gotta-get new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, out on June 15, gives the group new smash hits for the high-energy, music-packed, celeb-filled, live broadcast where celebrities have been known to go buck wild!

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SOURCE: MuchMusic/Melissa