Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fearless Tour

White Horse (talks about Joe Jonas):
Love Story:
You Belong With Me:
Teardrops on my Guitar:
Best DAy:
Taht's the Way I loved you:

After a two hour show at Roberts Stadium backed with a solid band, dancers, a morphing stage set and special effects, it's easy to understand why Taylor Swift's music has become a radio sensation.

Swift, who kicked off her "Fearless" tour Thursday night in Evansville, can sing, rock on her acoustic, hammer out a tune on the piano, heck, she can even make banging on a set of old rusty barrels sound good (which she did.)

The 19-year-old kept the sold out crowd (a large part of it girls, ages 4-17) screaming, jumping and swaying for two solid hours to hits like “Fearless,” “Love Story” and “Picture to Burn.”

With the help of costumes, graphics and her elaborate stage set, Swift put on a show for everyone in attendance. Two circular portions raised off of the platform stage played a role in most songs including her opening number “You Belong With Me,” in which she rose from the floor of the circular stage in a high school band uniform.

A Victorian theme took over for “Love Story.” During “Forever and Always,” Swift riled up the crowd by throwing a chair across the stage before disappearing through the trap door to prepare for her acoustic set, which started smack in the middle of section 10, to the joy of hundreds of fans who received hugs and handshakes from the singer.

Swift’s presence alone caused a lot of screaming, but the fans did a lot of singing, too. During “Our Song” their voices sounded as clear as if they were coming out of the speakers, and Swift asked fans to join her on “Tim McGraw,” her first release.

She kept the audience engaged throughout the show, telling stories fans could relate to from having a broken heart to not fitting in.

One of the highlights of the show came when Swift transitioned from her song “You're Not Sorry” to Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around.” Swift played the piano, but the band, especially the guitarists and drummer, can take credit for giving the rendition it’s hard rock edge that brought more whoops and hollers from the audience.

In true superstar fashion, Swift saved the best for last giving fans a hyped up reproduction of her “Should’ve Said No” performance from the 2008 American Country Music Awards. ‘Rain’ spilled from the rafters in Roberts onto the performer as she belted out the lyrics of her encore’s last song.

Former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler and country group, Gloriana, preceded Swift, each act exploding with talent. Pickler brought the audience to its feet using the chords that garnered her a spot in the top six on American Idol. And her personality and sparkling platform heels won over those who weren’t familiar with her music.

But her songs “Red High Heels” and “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” had the crowd dancing and singing. I have to mention Pickler’s guitarist, who gave an amazing solo following “Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You,” During it I forgot I was at a show dominated by country acts.

Members of Gloriana were also impressive as they harmonized their way through a short but impressive set of upbeat country. The mandolin played by member Cheyenne Kimball added an almost eerie yet soothing sound to “Lead Me On.” Both opening acts joined Swift on stage during “I’m Only Me.”