Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The first single off Jonas Brothers new album Lines, Vines, & Trying Times will be Paranoid, It be released on the radio May 12.
[Source: JHQ]

How do you interpret the new JB album title?
Those dreamy siblings have unleashed upon the internets the cover of their upcoming album, Lines Vines and Trying Times.

We don’t know what it means yet but our crack team of pop culture sleuths are ON IT.

Best guesses thus far:
Lines: obvious reference to line dancing. This is a country album.
Vines: This is a concept album. The concept: All of the songs are about George of the Jungle.
Trying Times: It’s hard out there for a pimp. Especially when he’s got a virginity ring on his finger that he has to bring up every .00000000000002 seconds. Just so people know he’s like, still totally a virgin.

(submitted by NewAgeAmazon)

Lines: Jonas Brothers don’t wait in them anymore. Being a JoBros is like having a Disneyland FastPass for LIFE.
Vines: The red kind. LICORICE.
Trying Times: It was the best the rhyming dictionary could come up with.

(submitted by ME. Yeah, watch me include my unfunny-ness)

You can get your hot little hands on this disc and find out the TRUE MEANING on June 15. I suggest you spend all of your time before this release coming up with interpretations.