Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Denise Jonas on Jonas babies & girls :)

Denise Jonas interview with J-14 about her boys. What were the boys like as babies? Oh boy! Kevin wouldn't wake up to eat. He was just so sleepy. And Joe had an adorable face, my husband's grandmother would always say, 'Joseph is too pretty to be a boy.' He used to take the buster and turn it upside down and push it around because he liked the way it sounded.

What's the most mischievous thing they did when they were little? Joseph found these pills and was passing them out to neighborhood kids. He said they were candy! We had to call the poison control and the kids' moms were so upset. I don't think anyone swallowed them. They were just aspirin or something!'

Did the boys ever pick on each other? Kevin used to put Joseph up to stuff and what's really funny is that now I'm just finding stuff out! Kevin was so convincing and we'd always believe him. He would blame Joseph! And Joe couldn't defend himself in a way that was super-outgoing! Nick would never get into trouble. He was a non-mischievous kid.

What kind of girl would you like to see them end up with? I hope they find girls who respects them. I think that a girl has to not be all about herself and has to understand that there are times when there are other priorities.

She has to be flexible. Otherwise, with the life that she would lead, or with anyone that works to hard, you need to be flexible. They're just great guys. They'd be great boyfriends for any girl.'