Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new Taylor Swift song

BUY IT HERE: http://www.rhapsody.com/taylor-swift/american-girl
It's a Tom Petty cover of "American Girl"

Jonas Brothers 3D DVD Up&Close

OMG (:


it's only $10.99 and it comes with a FREE magnet!
But shipping&handling is $4.

Hannah Montana "Mixed Up" & "Just A Girl" music video


Jonas Brothers Sirius XM

i like these interviews.

Demi Q100 & Star 94

it's a really good interview, plus a good acoustic performance of LALa Land :)

Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience: Extended DVD OUT TODAY!!

Today is one of the days that we have all been waiting for! The DVD has released today out in stores! Now we the concert on our own screens at home and get to see all the extras on it. Now this DVD can seem pricey, but if you go onto JonasCoupon.Com, you can print out a coupon to use at the store when you purchase your copy!

Jessie James talks about touring with the Jonas Brothers.

Jessie James chatted to BlackBookMag about Jonas & other random things: How's the Jonas Brothers tour going? All groupies and drugs. Am I wrong? Oh yeah, man. Sex, drugs, rock n' roll, lots of babes. It's actually quite the opposite.

In your video for 'Wanted,' you're wearing daisy dukes and a halter top. Are you using sex to sell records? I wouldn't really say it's provocative. I'd just say they're shorts and a shirt that happen to show my stomach. I don't know if..

..I'm necessarily using sex to sell my music. I think my voice sells my music more than anything. I think it's just a plus that I'm comfortable with my sexuality. I'm wearing things that I feel good about. Look at what Katy Perry is wearing.

Is Katy Perry using sex to sell her music? I think that her outfits match her music. I don't think she looks like a slut. She does it in a very tasteful way. I mean, not a lot of girls can pull it off, but I think she does. Heidi Montag looks really awful, but Katy Perry looks amazing. Probably because Katy's talented.

Do you hope to reach the fame level of Lady Gaga or Katy Perry? That's not why I got into this business. I don't like that people can say whatever they want about you online. If I cared about the fame, I'd live in Hollywood and go everywhere I could to get stalked by people. I'm gonna live in Nashville..

..and get my peace and quiet when I'm off the road and live a normal life. Kelly Clarkson is not in the magazines as much as everyone else because she lives in Texas. Carrie Underwood is hardly in the magazines for anything she's doing wrong, or Taylor Swift, because they live in Nashville and don't want to be bothered with that.

Tony Oller Katy Perry "Hot N Cold" cover



Jonas Brothers 'Lines, Vines & Trying Times' album debuted at No. 1 last week, however things appear to be looking downward for the boys this week. With over 72% of record sales reported, the album has only sold 51,000 copies.

According to The Examiner: 'It could end up only selling 70,000 copies this week and that would be a steep decline from first week sales. The Jonas Brothers are in the middle of a successful tour. These days, concert ticket sales..

..earn far more than album sales. The band isn't going to go broke anytime soon. However, with the poor sales of this album, their brand may be fading.'


Hannah Montana "HE Could Be the One" SNEAK PEEK


Frankie & Noah Cyrus "Ponyo" movie premiere INTERVIEWS


Selena. "My album is kind of angry"

I wonder what the songs are about.
I love it when the girls start freaking out when she says "i love you more" AHHAH (=

Monday, June 29, 2009

Jonas Brothers World Tour PORTLAND

Go check out a Jonas Brothers signed guitar at the San Diego Fair

After a really big show at the San Diego County Fair Grandstand Stage in 2007, all three members of the Jonas Brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin, contributed their “John Hancocks’ ” to a now-priceless guitar.

The Disney Channel stars are among a number of artists assisting with efforts to raise funds for the Don Diego Fund, which provides financial support for college-bound students from San Diego County.

Formed in 1985, the fund serves as a tribute to Tom Hernandez. As Don Diego, he presided over the county fair from 1947 until he died in 1984.

High school students who participated in the annual fair, or associated fairground events, are eligible. So fair, the fund has dispensed nearly $500,000 to some 116 students.

You don’t have to visit the fair to participate, though that makes it a bit more fun It’s a chance to view the items in person. They’ll be on display there until August 2 and online as well at www.dondiegofund.org.

Other autographed items include a Tony Gwynn baseball, Shawne Merriman football and Julio Cesar Chavez boxing gloves. Electric and acoustic guitars are signed by such past Fair performers as B.B. King; Fergie; Earth, Wind & Fire; Styx, and the aforementioned Jonas “bros. Also available are guitars signed by 2009 Music Mania Grandstand artists such as Heroes of Woodstock, David Cook and Loretta Lynn.

Check the site frequently, as new items are being added throughout the auction’s duration.

More on the 2009 San Diego County Fair:

Source: Examiner

Jonas Brothers smashing a guitar

Miley Cyurs 7 Things moment right there.


I wanted to contact you about something I saw at the Disney 365 Store in Downtown Disney [Disney 365 replaced Libby Luu's]. They had authentic clothing that the Jonas brothers wore from “Jonas”, an outfit for each of them. It included the magazine from “That Ding You Do” called “Teenster” and the two boomerangs with “Jonas” on the side. Nick’s drumsticks were also there, and Kevin’s messenger bag came with his outfit. They had Jonas shirts you could purchase but they were not replicas of the displayed clothing. The clothing itself was also not for sale, only for display.

At Build-A-Bear they had a “Camp Rock” shirt and red bag, I’ll try to go back and take pictures if you’d like.

Also, an outfit of Demi Lovato’s from “Sonny with a Chance” was also on display.

Source: JHQ

Frankie & Noah Cyrus "Ponyo" movie premiere

Noah Lindsey Cyrus & Frankie Jonas attended the premiere of their film Ponyo at the Mann Village Theater in LA on Sunday afternoon.

Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato FRIENDS FOR CHANGE

This one's my favorite one (:
Not only because it's of 4 of my favorite people!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wonder Girls opening for the Jonas Brothers

They opened at Portland.

I know for sure they're opening in Los Angeles and New York.

new SWAC- "Prank'd"

Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience: Extended DVD Edition trailer

i preordered it on amazon.com alreadyd (:

Demi falls during "Until You're Mine" & can't stop laughing after.

hahha, she's so cute (:
it's around 1:00

Joe Jonas - favorites.

Random Joe Jonas interview with Tiger Beat. Do you have any toys from your childhood? I kept a G.I. Joe that I had never opened for years. Frankie opened it one day, and I was so upset because I was saving it, thinking I'd make a lot of money by keeping it closed. Oh, well. What is your favorite color on a girl?

Purple is awesome. It's my favorite color, and on a girl it's even better. Do you have any good luck charms? I feel more comfortable playing a show with my phone in my pocket. I have it in my pocket all days, and when I take it out, it feels weird. Do you have any weird pet peeves?

When my mirrored closet door is open to my bedroom, I can't go to sleep. What is your favorite bath product? I use Kiehl's Facial Fuel after I shave. It wakes me up. What is your favorite candy? I love Lemonheads. They are addictive.

How does it feel to be called a heartthrob? It's nice. It's funny because my mom was always talking about how when she was young, she had posters on her wall of young guy stars. If I'm in that category, I guess I've made my mom proud!'

YAY! he changed his favorite color to my favorite (:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Here We Go Again" music video

Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again - Music Video (HQ)

in case you missed it air after PPP last night!

Jonas Brothers Idaho

Change for the Children Foundation

The site has been updated.
New layout.
Nick's cause is obviously diabetes.
Now, Joe has joined in on special olympics,
And Kevin on Volunteerism.
Sign up to support.

new WOWP episode- Wizards vs. Vampires

Full Wizards of Waverly PLace the Movie Trailer


Where are you Now- Honor Society

from the movie, Bandslam.
new song.

Miley Cyrus & Hugh Jackson MOVIE remake

Australian heartthrob Hugh Jackman will team up with Miley Ray Cyrus in a tween version of The Bodyguard [1992 film starring Whitney Houston in Kevin Costner]. According to Variety, their movie will be a musical called..

..Personal Security
. Hugh is lining up to play a tough New York police detective forced into bodyguard duty for a spoiled teen heiress, played by Miley, who has received a kidnap threat.


Princess Protection Program HIGH RATINGS :D

From TV By Numbers: The 76th Disney Channel Original Movie 'Princess Protection Program' premiered as TV's No. 1 entertainment telecast of 2009 in Kids 6-11 (3.1 million) and Tweens 9-14 (3.2 million) and cable's No. 1 scripted telecast in Total Viewers (8.5 million).

PPP towered over all time period competition on both broadcast and cable, virtually doubling runner up CBS in Total Viewers (8.5 million vs. 4.4 million), and also scoring No. 1 rank in Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14.

It was Disney Channel's No. 3 Original Movie of ALL TIME in Total Viewers (8.5 million), behind June '08's 'Camp Rock' & August 07's 'High School Musical 2.'

I hope everyone watched yesterday!
if you didn't, they're showing it again tonight.
they're gonna have some behindthescenes thing during commercials too!

Friday, June 26, 2009

new JONAS episode "That Ding You Do"


Jonas Brothers talk Miley, LVTT, CR2, etc.

Hannah Montana 3 Soundtrack (new full HQ songs)

Nick Jonas Washington Diabetes AP

stay strong <3

Wonder Girls english song


Princess Protection Program

When You're In Love- Tony Oller

Jonas Brothers and Fans Raise the Roof in Denver

DENVER – As the Jonas Brothers took on “Gotta Find You” (one of the teen sensations’ many earnest love ballads) halfway through their Pepsi Center concert Wednesday night, frontman Joe Jonas led his brothers to a satellite stage.

That platform then rose 20 feet into the air and, for three or four minutes, the famous JoBros were that much closer to their adoring fans in the cheap seats.

Toward the end of the song, Joe gave the lead vocals to the audience. It was a flawless handoff – one that saw the pitch jump a full octave as thousands of preteen girls took over the singing duties.

Earplugs were in fierce demand Wednesday night, as young girls have a way of praising their idols with a screech that is slightly lower in tone than that of a dog whistle. The glow sticks, camera phones and “I (heart) Nick” signs were plentiful as the brothers (and their 10-piece band) threw down a 90-minute set of music that alternated between immature kiddie pop and more thoughtful power pop.
That’s right, the Jonas Brothers are trying to grow up.

The day before they played the sold- out Pepsi Center, they learned that their brand-new record, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. In its first week of release, the CD sold nearly 250,000 copies – an especially impressive feat given that their previous full-length, “A Little Bit Longer,” occupied the same spot on the chart less than a year ago when it was released.

The group opened its set with a groove-rooted “Paranoid,” a song that defines the preteen spirit in 2009. “That’s Just the Way We Roll,” an “oldie” from 2007’s eponymous full-length, had the brothers using the rotating center of their in-the-round stage to their advantage. As Kevin and Joe ran the length of the stages, Nick stood stoic and strong on the rotating circle.

They brought out a four-piece horn section for the new “Poison Ivy” and moved directly into the pogo-pop of “Hold On.” Later on, Nick played a miniature solo set on a white baby grand piano.

“Before I came here, I was in Washington, D.C.,” Nick told his attentive fans, mid-song. “I was there to encourage them to contribute to what’s called a special diabetes program. . . . I’ve always said I’m not going to let this (diabetes) slow me down. Yesterday, I met the president and we found out we got our second No. 1 record. You tell me, Denver. Has it slowed me down?”

His story is one that connects with kids and parents. In the live show, Nick is the multi-instrumentalist hero, while Joe simply has the best voice of the bunch and Kevin is the good-natured-yet-often-ignored guy.

There were plenty of crowd-pleasers: “Much Better” hinted at a more mature songwriting process. “Year 3000″ was a reminder of the boy band’s Disneyrific past. The group threw props to the moms in the crowd with a teeny Neil Diamond cover, “Sweet Caroline.”

It was just like a Kiss concert – completely choreographed, awesomely hilarious and fabulously over-the-top.

Source: 9 News

Mr. Jonas Spotted at Demi’s Concert!

Mr. Kevin Jonas Sr. was spotted at the Demi Lovato concert in Uniondale, NY (June 24th). Since he is part of Demi’s management, he was there to show his support and check up on how the tour was going. Some fans got to take photos with him and they been saying he was completely nice and took pictures with fans who wanted a photo with him. [From Nikki, Shannon and Carly]

Source: NickJOnline


Don't forget to watch PRINCESS PROTECTION PROGRAM tonight!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nick Jonas testimony FOX news

Demi on Jonas Brothers

Are the Jonas Brothers too young to be mentors? Not if you’re 16-year-old Demi Lovato.

Since starring alongside the JoBros in the 2008 Disney Channel movie “Camp Rock,” singer-songwriter-actress Lovato – who performs at Agganis Arena on Friday night with “American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta – has found that membership in the Jonas circle has its privileges.

The brotherly boy band was heavily involved in the writing and recording of Lovato’s 2008 debut album, “Don’t Forget,” which went to No. 2 on the Billboard 200. And their shrieking tween and teen fans were introduced to Lovato’s music when she served as opening act on the Jonas’ 2008 “Burning Up Tour.”

“Those guys are incredible,” Lovato said by phone from New York City. “The experiences that I got to have with them were like totally life-changing. I mean, one day you’re in your room in Texas playing guitar, writing songs, and the next day you’re in front of 35,000 people playing your songs and having the audience sing them to you. Within six months that literally did happen.”

Along the way, Dallas native Lovato managed to glean some pearls of show-biz wisdom from the Jonases, who, according to Lovato, are like brothers to her.

“They’re really great guys and they never talk bad about anybody,” Lovato said. “They just are very polite and it’s really cool because they taught me. I would have never known to go say hi to your opening acts or make sure that I thank them, or anything. They taught me so many manners and etiquette that now I get to use on the road.”

The road has taken Lovato away from working as an opening act. Now the rising star is on her first tour as a headliner.

“I was so nervous opening up for the Jonas Brothers, not knowing what fans would think of me,” Lovato said. “Now I get to go out and see all the fans that are there for me. Seeing people with Demi posters and Demi T-shirts – it’s a dream come true.”

The dream is a bit overwhelming, but Demi is dealing. She’s been taking voice lessons, working out and riding her skateboard when she gets bored before a show. She says she stays grounded through her fans and her Christian faith, but admits she doesn’t have all the answers yet: She’s still figuring out how to keep her suitcase from turning into a total mess.

Lovato’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album drops on July 21 – another step toward JoBro independence.

“It’s got a different sound, because I wrote most of it with other writers, or it’s just me,” Lovato said. “This time I really want to show the world who I am.”

Lovato’s acting career also continues to blossom. She stars in a forthcoming Disney movie, “Princess Protection Program.” And “Camp Rock 2” is in the works, along with a second season of her Disney TV series “Sonny With a Chance.”

But if it’s a question of music or acting, for Lovato there’s no question.

“Music is incredible because you get to express who you are,” she said. “Whereas acting, you’re playing a different character every day. You could play a thousand roles and nobody would know who you are. Which in some ways is a great thing. But for me, I’m put on this Earth to express myself and inspire people with my story. That’s how I want to help people.”

Source: Boston Herald

Demi Lovato "Can't Stop the World" FULL SONG - collaboration with Nick Jonas

Here We Go Again music video! FULL

remmeber to watch it tomorrow on TV!

Selena talks Demi, PPP, Taylor Lautner


“Radio Disney AM 640’s Jonas/Lovato ticket giveaway events June 25, 11:39 AM”
June 25, 2009

Philadelphia’s Radio Disney AM 640 are giving kids the chance to win sold out Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers concert tickets this weekend.

The Radio Disney Crew will be on site at various locations in the Philadelphia area playing great music and games, giving away prizes and registering kids to win tickets to see Disney Star sensations Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers’ concerts in Philadelphia.

Demi Lovato will be live in concert on Saturday, June 27th at Philadelphia’s Mann Center and the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009’s concerts will be held Thursday, July 23rd and Friday, July 24th at South Philly’s Wachovia Center.

Demi Lovato Ticket Giveaway Events:

Friday , June 26th – Roosevelt Mall, 2311 Cottman Avenue – 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 27th – Modell’s Sporting Goods in Mt. Laurel, NJ – 3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Jonas Brothers Ticket Giveaway Events:

Saturday, June 27th – Superfresh, 250 E. Lancaster in Wynnewood – 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

There are also several Jonas Brothers ticket giveaway events on Radio Disney’s July calendar.

For additional Radio Disney events, click here.

Looking for more fun concerts for kids in Philly? Check out the Young People’s Concert Series at the Mann Center.

Source: The Examiner

Nick Jonas- Obama, Miley, Honor Society, LVTT

The Jonas Brothers are back! They never went away, you say? Fair. But more specifically, they are back on top — of the music sales charts, at least, with their latest release, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times, which hit shelves a week ago. The band also just launched their latest tour last Saturday in Dallas (with a surprise visit from Miley Cyrus, but more on that in a bit).

In between tour dates and promoting their album, I managed to spend a few minutes on the phone with the brains behind the operation, youngest brother Nick Jonas, and here’s what he had to say about everything from his favorite song of the summer to his reaction after meeting President Barack Obama.

On having a No. 1 album twice:
“I think to have a No. 1 album is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But to have it happen twice is just truly amazing, and we’re so thankful to the people who went out and got it. The fans make it possible.”

On his favorite new band, Honor Society, which is going on tour with the Jonas Brothers this summer:
“The thing that really got me about them is that not only are they a pop-rock band, but they also have some R&B vocal stylings. The lead singer, Mike Bruno, has got some of the same influences as me — Stevie Wonder and Prince. They’re trying to infuse those sounds into rock music, as well.”

On recently meeting President Barack Obama:
“You know, it was fairly brief. He said hello and thanks for playing for his daughters. I said it was a pleasure to meet him, he said, ‘You, too,’ and then we took a photo and that was it. But it was really cool to meet him.”

On the recent dust-up between will.i.am and Perez Hilton at the Much Music Video Awards:
“We weren’t around when it happened. We actually went back to the hotel and went to bed and woke up and saw some of what happened. But it’s an unfortunate incident. And I think that hopefully they’ll both work it out.”

On convincing ladyfriend Miley Cyrus to appear onstage at last Saturday’s tour kick-off to sing the duet “Before the Storm”:
“That song means a lot to both of us and to have the opportunity to play it live was great. It just came about. We were both excited about doing it.”

On his summer Must List:
“As far as music goes, there’s a band I liked a couple of years ago that I just recently rediscovered. I guess you can call it taking it off the shelf, kind of dusting it off. It’s a Boston-based band called Damone — kind of power-pop meets metal. It’s pretty good. There is a girl lead singer backed up by like five guys. It’s a really cool sound. I listened to it the other day again and just fell right back in love with it. There’s one particular song called “You’re the One,” and it’s fantastic.”

On the track from Lines, Vines, and Trying Times you should be listening to:
“A song called ‘Much Better.’ It’s got some buzz because its about something personal that we wrote about. It’s a great song, and I think it’s a prime example of one of those times when we were able to take something going on in our lives, write about it, and kind of infuse the Neil Diamond sound that we were talking about for this record. It’s got the horns on it, and it’s got a great, kind of feel-good vibe to it. If you listen to the song you get a pretty clear picture of what it’s about, but that’s kind of where I’ll leave it I guess.”

Source: EW.com


Don’t miss the premiere of Demi’s brand new video for “Here We Go Again” tomorrow night at 9:50PM EDT/PDT on Disney Channel! “Here We Go Again” is available on iTunes for download now!

Source: DemiCentral


Thanks to Kyara for sending us this. There are more titles that are now placed under copyright under the Jonas Brothers’ names. Here’s the song titles:

-Miss South Carolina
-Love Sick
-Don’t Lose Yourself

No idea what these songs are for but they ARE listed as written by all three, or just Nick. Now these could just be songs they have written or maybe even songs for Honor Society, whichever they are, they are in their names.

Source: JonasHQ.org


Jonas Brothers’ new album “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” debuts at number 1 on Billboard Hot 200, putting aside last week’s chart-topper Black Eyed Peas’ “The E.N.D.” to the second place. The boys’ album has sold more than 247,000 copies in its first week on sale, while the Peas’ effort manages to add 148,000 after garnering 304,000 units last week.

This is the second time Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas have their record debuting atop the U.S. albums chart. Last year, their album “A Little Bit Longer” also directly soared to the top spot on the chart, selling around 525,000 units in its opening week.

Back to Billboard Hot 200, sitting at number 3 is Dave Matthews Band’s “Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King”, and lingering at number 4 is Eminem’s “Relapse” which opened big with 608,000 selling point but this week pulls in only 72,000 copies.

Rounding the top 5 is Incubus’ greatest hits collection “Monuments and Melodies” with 70,000. And, following at the next places are Lady GaGa’s “The Fame” and Chickenfoot’s self-titled album “Chickenfoot” which sit at number 6 and 7 respectively.

Source: JonasHQ.org

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get Your Jonas Brothers World Tour merchandise!


plus, check out the big fan appreciation sale where everything's $10!

Jonas Brothers E!News

Wizards on Deck with Hannah promo

i can't wait :D

Making of JB World Tour

44 more days for me :D

Demi "It's On With Alexa Chung

Jonas Brothers Rolling Stone


Jonas Brothers Rolling Stone excerpts: Joe, 'I think people don't realize
that when they're making fun of us, we're laughing too. Every South Park or whatever, it's like, 'That's hilarious.' Kevin, 'And we've heard it all going through high school. So it's like, whatever throw your shots. At the end of the day, I know who I am as a person. And I think people forget because of what we do that we grow up, too, and that we change. We have a life journey to go on ourselves.

Nick, 'When it comes to changing, music may change, our lives may change, but who we are as people will not. I believe that the people that we were before we started the band are the same people we are today. We've just grown up.'

Joe on 'Much Better': 'Relationships give you ideas of what to write about but sometimes it's hard to be honest. I mean, you have to be, but it's like, 'I don't really want to say anything bad about this person but I'm just going to write it.' That's just how it goes.'

Nick going to college? 'Nick thinks he might someday study English literature, though he says, 'I'm not big on reading...I love writing, but when I try to keep a journal, I'll write a couple of things on a page and be like, 'That was pointless; I should just write a song about it.' Nick is confident their music will win over a..

..new audience: 'You know, that saying that perception is everything is not entirely true. But there's a side of it that is, and we just hope that if someone comes to a show, they'll see that we play our instruments and come away with a better understanding of what we do. But, we're not afraid of where we come from and who knows if we'd be where we are today if that perception wasn't there.'

Nick Jonas testifying in Capital Hill on diabetes

AW <33
my trooper!

Demi Lovato new songs. in concert- 6/22/09 - Wachovia Arena - Wilkes-Barre, PA

new album - July 21!

MacKenzie Falls webseries trailer

i love it!

Miley&Nick getting serious? E!News preview

i hope it's not Jomilla.

Jonas Brothers watch The Hangover

From Amanda: The Jonas Brothers went to the 10:10 PM showing of The Hangover at the Grapevine Mills Mall. My sister was there to the premiere of Transformers 2 and everyone began to realize that they were in theater 6.

When my sister went over to see if she could get in, Big Rob was standing at the theater door and told her that no one was allowed in unless they had originally bought a ticket for that movie. Kevin brought his girlfriend, Danielle Deleasa. Apparently, bodyguards were all over them & no one could get near them.

Source: OU

They watched a R-rated movie in public!
Ooooh, watch out for Disney boys.
I'd hate to have to watch a movie around body guards -_-

Jonas Brothers- BoomBoomPow music video

I just wish Nick could've been as humorous as Joe&Kevin.

Selena setting up Taylor Swift & Jonathan Cook

Selena Gomez is trying to set up her BFF Taylor Swift with Forever the Sickest Kids frontman Jonathan Cook, according to E! Online. [Only God knows what happened to Taylor & Lucas Till..] Sel has already introduced them via iChat.

Jonathan on his 'celebrity crush' Taylor: 'She is gorgeous.. She is an amazing songwriter, and I can relate to her not only as a musician but also as a writer.. Plus, she seems so down-to-earth, I always root for her as a fan!'

Selena doesn't go easy on Jonathan when it comes to girls: 'Selena suggests girls for me to date. And she told me she has to approve of any girls that I date.. I've suggested Selena date Shia LeBeouf. She's so funny. She's so into him.'

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emma Watson Teen Vogue covergirl



Sterling Knight takes hold of his foil (fencing sword) in this still from his new webisode series, MacKenzieFalls.com.

The new web series will follow the fictional tween melodrama and its popular leading man Chad Dylan Cooper (Knight) seen each week in Sonny With A Chance.

Also starring in the web series are William Georges, Leslie Anne Huff, Ashley Jackson and Devaughn Nixon.

New episodes will go live on MacKenzieFalls.com every Monday during the summer starting TODAY, June 22.


Nick met President Obama

Nick Jonas already met Sasha and Malia Obama on the first night they were in the White House – but on Tuesday the pop star got to meet their dad, too.

“I’m excited,” Jonas, wearing a tailored gray suit, told PEOPLE on his way to the White House where he planned to pay a visit to President Barack Obama and a group of kids who live with diabetes. “This is the first time I’m meeting the president. It’s gonna be fun.”

But the singer’s Washington, D.C., trip is not all glitz and glamour. The 16-year-old, who played at the Kids’ Inaugural Ball after the November election, is taking a detour from his Jonas Brothers tour to testify Wednesday at a Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing on government funding for diabetes research, as are Sugar Ray Leonard and Mary Tyler Moore.

“It’s amazing [to meet them]. They’re, like, household names,” says Jonas, who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 13 and who works with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Still, even a household name like Nick Jonas had to show the Secret Service his passport before being admitted onto the White House grounds. Nick’s appearance Wednesday was a surprise to the diabetic children meeting the President. And many kids seemed more excited to meet him than Obama.

Leaving the White House, kids screamed, “Nick Jonas! Nick Jonas! We got to meet Nick Jonas!!!” and showed off autographs.

“That’s cool,” says Jonas, who shook everybody’s hand and briefly met the president.

“It was great,” he told PEOPLE outside the Executive Mansion. “He came up and thanked me for meeting his daughters and playing for them. I said, ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you.’ He said, ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you, too.’ Then we took a picture with about 100 kids.”

So did Nick’s dad get to talk to the president, too? “Nope,” says Kevin Jonas, Sr. “I just watched as a proud Dad.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Jonas plans to tour Capitol Hill and meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi before testifying before the Senate Wednesday.

SOURCE: People Magazine

New Nicksimplewins blog- on DLife July 19th

This month, I am writing to you having just returned from Europe. Just finished a quick trip to Madrid, Paris and London.

Next we are off to our final rehearsals for the North American leg of our world tour. We will be the second musical act to play the new Dallas Stadium when we launch on Saturday June 20th. This summer we are pleased to have Honor Society and Jordin Sparks tour with us. I want to say a special thank you to all of our team and crew who have been working non-stop to help bring this tour to life. It is truly going to be spectacular and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

We performed on the Today Show on the 19th the day before the tour launches. It was early but well worth it when I saw how many of you got up to join us! Speaking of New York City – thanks to everyone who came out despite the weather for our GMA performance. We truly appreciate the dedication our fans show us each and every day.

The creativity contest continues this month, keep those entries coming. You guys make it so hard to pick a winner. Check out last months winner on the site.

I am going to be on dLife July 19th so mark your calendars.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on tour and hearing what you think about the new CD which was just released on Tuesday called Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

My Simple Win this month – Releasing our new CD and launching Jonas Brothers World Tour


new Demi Lovato single on iTunes!

Here We Go Again on iTunes!
go get it :]

Demi on Trace Cyrus

it's at the end.
they ask her about her flirting with trace cyrus on twitter and if he's her boyfriend or what.
she says "he's a really good friend of mine."
they ask and you flirt with him?
& she just keeps saying "he's a really good friend of mine."
sounds to me like they're together.
this is waht the jonas brothers always did.
they also talk about PPP & crashing proms & working with John Mayer

Demi Lovato is single; loves Trace Cyrus

She twittered:
-@TraceCyrus Umm.... absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I miss you to death.
Just one more thing: Who says I can't be single? (lame; quoting my own lyrics.. haha) But why can't I have drop dead gorgeous friends?
-But if I ever did have a boyfriend, I wouldn't lie to you guys. I wouldn't deny it because, lying is just wrong. Especially to fans.
But if I ever did have a boyfriend, I wouldn't lie to you guys. I wouldn't deny it because, lying is just wrong. Especially to fans
I may be single but @tracecyrus is my favorite <3>

Kristen Stewart falls in leather pants.

Kristen Stewart collapsed while running on The Runaways set today. Kri was filming a jump during a scene. Production assistants rushed to her side as she did not move to get up for a few moments.

LVTT #1!!!

Hey everyone!

We have been so busy over the last week. Thanks for all of the support and for

MAKING LINES, VINES AND TRYING TIMES the NUMBER ONE CD THIS WEEK in the US. We also heard that it is doing well in Mexico, South America and Europe. We have the best fan in world!

We had an awesome time in Canada co-hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards. IT was great to meet so many of the fans. We heard stories of people camping out for weeks. Crazy! Thanks for all of the love and support.

Then we flew to TULSA, Oklahoma for our show last night. We asked you to bring it and YOU DID!!! It was amazing.


Today, Nick is in Washington, DC to meet with the President and delegates from around the nation in Washington to help with JDRF (Diabetes).

Look for more updates later today.

Thanks again for our second NUMBER ONE in 10 months.

Kevin, Joe and Nick



Jonas Brothers: What it's like to work with them

Money, fame and fans haven’t changed the Jonas Brothers one bit.

So says Honor Society, one of the opening acts for the Jo Bros’ just-launched world tour. We caught up with the group the other day at a private home in Los Angeles, where they were shooting a video for “Where Are You Now?,” a single featured in Vanessa Hudgens’ upcoming movie Bandslam…

“With all of the success that the Jonas Brothers have, they are extremely humble,” said Honor Society frontman Michael Bruno. “We’ve always been able to observe that about them, and that’s something that we plan to take with us as we grow as a group.”

Fellow bandmate Alex Noyes also chimed in: “One thing Nick always says that really strikes me is, ‘Live like you’re at the bottom when you’re at the top.’ ”

Honor Society first met Jo Bros last year.
“An EP we made, made it into the hands of Nick, Kevin and Joe,” Bruno said. “They liked what they heard, and we started to strike up a friendship first. And through that friendship, sort of a musical partnership started to happen.”

In fact, the Jonases have cowritten songs on Honor Society’s upcoming album.
“The guys are really awesome,” said keyboardist Jason Rosen. “They’re very organic. They’re very creative, and we just have a great time recording with them.”

Source:E Online



Frankie Jonas & Noah Cyrus movie!

Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo [on the Cliff] trailer. The animated feature stars the voices of Frankie Jonas and Noah Lindsey Cyrus. Hits theaters August 14.
I'm gonna watch it!
can't wait (:
it's exactly ONE week after my JB concert, hehe!

Selena Gomez on Taylor Lautner, "he's made me the happiest I've ever been."

Selena Gomez USA Today interview excerpts: Dating Taylor Lautner? 'I'm single. I've never dated him. He's a really nice guy. He's become one of my really good friends, and he's made me the happiest I've ever been.

On people in her inner circle who were mean: 'I've been through a lot and I've cut those people out of my life. I've been very mistreated. I'm just really careful who I surround myself with.'

Competitive with Demi? 'We're not competitive. We've been through so much together. I remember going to concerts of hers when only a few people would show, at fairs. We don't have room for that. We're so blessed.'

As a child Selena was a 'flake' and 'very shy,' going between wanting to
be a doctor or a cheerleader. Then she became 'addicted' to acting, sent an audition tape to Disney and got guest-starring roles on Hannah Montana and The Suite Life. Sel added that Wizards 'will be my last series, for a while.'

On her 'pop rock dance' debut album: 'The record is going to be pop-rock with a bit of dance to it. The music is fun, and it's something I've always wanted to try.. I would not be happy if I was doing nothing.'

On what she'll do if acting/ singing fails: 'It's smart to have a backup plan. I'd love to go to culinary school. I find cooking very therapeutic. I have zero time to ever do it, but once I have a house of my own, one day, I'll have time to do that.'

Monday, June 22, 2009

Demi Lovato on her new album. good interview!

It’s not every teen idol who aspires to make music as gritty as Bruce Springsteen’s and give acting performances that rival the rawest of Angelina Jolie’s (”Girl, Interrupted” remains one of her favorite films).
But, then, no one ever said teen idol Demi Lovato lacked ambition. The 16-year-old star has already seen her debut album, “Don’t Forget,” debut at No. 2 on the charts last fall, after starring in several major Disney Channel TV projects, including “Camp Rock” and her own series, “Sonny With a Chance.”

Such credits had people calling her the next Miley Cyrus. To boost that connection, last summer Lovato opened for the Jonas Brothers on their arena tour. Clearly, the performance clicked with dreamy teens because, just nine months later, she’s headlining her own, equal-sized event, on a tour that comes to Nassau Coliseum Wednesday and the Prudential Center in Newark Thursday.
Even so, the hungry singer already has her eye on her next move.

Lovato’s second CD, “Here We Go Again,” comes out July 21 and, unlike her debut, on which she shared all the writing credits with fellow teenyboppers the Jonas boys, this time she penned the songs with the grown-up likes of John Mayer and William Beckett of the alterna-band The Academy Is.

Lovato also wrote about edgier subjects, like her fractious relationship with her father. Here she talks about all the fast changes in her life:

I’ve heard you went for a very different sound on the new album. What’s it like?
I have a bit less rock and more mellow stuff, but with an R&B twist.

Why change the sound?
I’ve matured a lot in the last year. I wanted to show that. There’s one song in particular, “For the Love of a Daughter,” about my relationship with my birth father.

Your dad left the family when you were just 2 years old and you were estranged from him for many years, right?
We still are.

But he gave interviews to the tabloids saying you had come back together.
It’s not exactly how he made it out to be. It didn’t have the fairy tale ending that he portrayed. The last time I talked to him was two years ago. You try to have faith in somebody, even when you’re the last person that believes in him. But when somebody lets you down after you’ve been the only one there for them, and so many times, you don’t know what else to do.

So what did you do?
I had to cut off all connection. It was hurting me too much. Writing about that subject on the album will probably surprise some people.

But it’s even more surprising that you convinced John Mayer to write with you.
We wrote two songs together. One was called “Love Is the Answer.” The other was “Shut Up and Love Me.” He has always been one of my biggest musical influences. So we contacted his management about writing together.

Were you surprised he said yes?
I was completely shocked. It was more of a pipe dream. I didn’t ever think it would be a reality, but it came true. He was taking a chance on working with a younger artist in the pop realm. He also gave me advice.

About what?
A lot about the media. How sometimes they can hurt your feelings and get you down. But he gave me this cool point of view. He told me to be encouraged even when people hate you.

Why didn’t you write with the Jonas Brothers this time, as you did on most of your first CD?
I still wrote with Nick [Jonas] on one song. I just felt like I wanted to see what my songs would sound like without them. They were the only people I’d ever written with. Once I wrote with different people, I wanted to go with that.

You have this obvious closeness with the Jonas boys. Do their fans ever resent you for that?
They don’t because I’m not after one of their guys.

So it has always been just a friendship?

I read a quote from you where you said you hate relationships. Is that true?
I’m still young but I have been really, really hurt in relationships. When you allow yourself to fall for somebody, you’re allowing them to break your heart. Anyway, I’m only 16, so I’m not supposed to be in relationships. I’m just supposed to be dating and having fun. So I have a lot of really cute friends (laughs).

You’ve been acting since you were 6. Are you more attracted to acting or singing?
I’m definitely more attracted to singing. I started out acting to pay for singing lessons.

You’ve said that one key musical role model for you is Springsteen. Why?
I saw a DVD where he was basically on a stage in the middle of the arena, with his band – no cool lighting, no nothing. And everyone knew the songs and they were just so focused on the music. That’s what I want to do one day. But right now, I’m not at that point.

For right now, then, what’s the best thing about being a teen idol?
I have a lot of friends. They’re my fans, but they’re also my friends. So when I’m having a really bad day, I never have to feel alone.

Source: Daily News



Kim Kardashian kisses her crush, Nick Jonas.

Demi doesn't like Pokemon or Digemon!


Demi (new songs) on TOUR

OPENING – La La land
So Far So Great (Sonny With A Chance Theme Song)
Gonna Get Caught
U Got Nothin’ On Me
Got Dynamite
Catch Me
Until You’re Mine
Stop The World
Two Worlds Collide
You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)
Behind Enemy Lines
Every Time You Lie
Remember December
Here We Go Again
ENCORE – Don’t Forget
FINALE – Get Back

epsecially catch me, aka hypnotizing.