Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jessie James talks about touring with the Jonas Brothers.

Jessie James chatted to BlackBookMag about Jonas & other random things: How's the Jonas Brothers tour going? All groupies and drugs. Am I wrong? Oh yeah, man. Sex, drugs, rock n' roll, lots of babes. It's actually quite the opposite.

In your video for 'Wanted,' you're wearing daisy dukes and a halter top. Are you using sex to sell records? I wouldn't really say it's provocative. I'd just say they're shorts and a shirt that happen to show my stomach. I don't know if..

..I'm necessarily using sex to sell my music. I think my voice sells my music more than anything. I think it's just a plus that I'm comfortable with my sexuality. I'm wearing things that I feel good about. Look at what Katy Perry is wearing.

Is Katy Perry using sex to sell her music? I think that her outfits match her music. I don't think she looks like a slut. She does it in a very tasteful way. I mean, not a lot of girls can pull it off, but I think she does. Heidi Montag looks really awful, but Katy Perry looks amazing. Probably because Katy's talented.

Do you hope to reach the fame level of Lady Gaga or Katy Perry? That's not why I got into this business. I don't like that people can say whatever they want about you online. If I cared about the fame, I'd live in Hollywood and go everywhere I could to get stalked by people. I'm gonna live in Nashville..

..and get my peace and quiet when I'm off the road and live a normal life. Kelly Clarkson is not in the magazines as much as everyone else because she lives in Texas. Carrie Underwood is hardly in the magazines for anything she's doing wrong, or Taylor Swift, because they live in Nashville and don't want to be bothered with that.