Sunday, June 28, 2009

Joe Jonas - favorites.

Random Joe Jonas interview with Tiger Beat. Do you have any toys from your childhood? I kept a G.I. Joe that I had never opened for years. Frankie opened it one day, and I was so upset because I was saving it, thinking I'd make a lot of money by keeping it closed. Oh, well. What is your favorite color on a girl?

Purple is awesome. It's my favorite color, and on a girl it's even better. Do you have any good luck charms? I feel more comfortable playing a show with my phone in my pocket. I have it in my pocket all days, and when I take it out, it feels weird. Do you have any weird pet peeves?

When my mirrored closet door is open to my bedroom, I can't go to sleep. What is your favorite bath product? I use Kiehl's Facial Fuel after I shave. It wakes me up. What is your favorite candy? I love Lemonheads. They are addictive.

How does it feel to be called a heartthrob? It's nice. It's funny because my mom was always talking about how when she was young, she had posters on her wall of young guy stars. If I'm in that category, I guess I've made my mom proud!'

YAY! he changed his favorite color to my favorite (: