Saturday, June 20, 2009

Selena Gomez Teen Hollywood

Selena Gomez Teen Hollywood interview excepts: Did you have trouble fitting in at school? Absolutely. It's a big deal trying to fit in and that's all that matters in a teen's world is being able to fit in at school or make sure you are in with the in crowd or wanting to do this or that and that's when you start to lose yourself.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a cheerleader. You go through those phases but I wouldn't tell anyone to not go through that because you learn from them. I always say 'be the best you can be. Focus more on school' but it's hard.

Did you hang out with Joey King before you filmed or between shots? I spent a lot of time with Joey, not only because I wanted to get to know her because we were playing sisters but I ended up becoming a great friend with a 9 year old!

She knows everything about me now. Kids see black and white and they're just fearless. They either say 'yes' or 'no'. I think you lose that when you get older with getting heartbreaks and getting trampled on. Your guard goes up and you start overanalyzing things too much. That's what I appreciated about Joey, she just didn't care. She's so honest. So, now I have her looking at my dresses and listening to my music and asking 'what do you think?'

When we were leaving the production for the last time, we were in the bathroom crying and she said, 'I don't mean to be rude but you really look like crap right now'. [She laughs]. I spent 30 minutes laughing after that.

What happens when you reunite with Demi after being apart? We run up to each other and we are so loud when we get together. We scream across the room and then run and hold each other and talk about everything at 90 miles an hour to get it all out.

True BFF? Yeah. It's nice to break down and cry and have someone to do that with. She twitters me right back too. She's the only person I can bawl my eyes out with and then end up laughing hysterically.

What was it like to turn 13? I was trying to teach myself to skateboard so I could impress my crush. I was in love with Jesse McCartney at that age so all over my locker and my binder was Jesse McCartney. That was an interesting stage.

You're very focused on all the little things that just don't matter once you get older. I was so involved with crushes that shouldn't even matter. They are a big deal to kids. I still have crushes but I don't go and embarrass myself trying to skateboard in front of them! It didn't even work!

How did you decide which of you would play which part in PPP? We each auditioned for the other role actually. But, when we were testing we were like 'something doesn't feel right. I feel like we should try it the other way'. Our instincts work pretty well together chemistry-wise, so we both felt it that we
should be in the opposite role and so it worked out.

Does Demi give you music tips? Demi has always been more musically involved so I kind of grew up in the studio with her and listening to all of her music. The moment that I got to play my music for her was kind of asking for approval at first.

I played her my music and 'what's she gonna think?' And she loved it. She loves all my stuff. She tells me to send it so she can jam out to it. It was really nice to have her perspective on it.

* Selena went to see Drew Seeley in "The Little Mermaid"
She twittered about filming the Wizards of Waverly Place music video!