Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jonas Brothers: What it's like to work with them

Money, fame and fans haven’t changed the Jonas Brothers one bit.

So says Honor Society, one of the opening acts for the Jo Bros’ just-launched world tour. We caught up with the group the other day at a private home in Los Angeles, where they were shooting a video for “Where Are You Now?,” a single featured in Vanessa Hudgens’ upcoming movie Bandslam…

“With all of the success that the Jonas Brothers have, they are extremely humble,” said Honor Society frontman Michael Bruno. “We’ve always been able to observe that about them, and that’s something that we plan to take with us as we grow as a group.”

Fellow bandmate Alex Noyes also chimed in: “One thing Nick always says that really strikes me is, ‘Live like you’re at the bottom when you’re at the top.’ ”

Honor Society first met Jo Bros last year.
“An EP we made, made it into the hands of Nick, Kevin and Joe,” Bruno said. “They liked what they heard, and we started to strike up a friendship first. And through that friendship, sort of a musical partnership started to happen.”

In fact, the Jonases have cowritten songs on Honor Society’s upcoming album.
“The guys are really awesome,” said keyboardist Jason Rosen. “They’re very organic. They’re very creative, and we just have a great time recording with them.”

Source:E Online