Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jonas Brothers Rolling Stone


Jonas Brothers Rolling Stone excerpts: Joe, 'I think people don't realize
that when they're making fun of us, we're laughing too. Every South Park or whatever, it's like, 'That's hilarious.' Kevin, 'And we've heard it all going through high school. So it's like, whatever throw your shots. At the end of the day, I know who I am as a person. And I think people forget because of what we do that we grow up, too, and that we change. We have a life journey to go on ourselves.

Nick, 'When it comes to changing, music may change, our lives may change, but who we are as people will not. I believe that the people that we were before we started the band are the same people we are today. We've just grown up.'

Joe on 'Much Better': 'Relationships give you ideas of what to write about but sometimes it's hard to be honest. I mean, you have to be, but it's like, 'I don't really want to say anything bad about this person but I'm just going to write it.' That's just how it goes.'

Nick going to college? 'Nick thinks he might someday study English literature, though he says, 'I'm not big on reading...I love writing, but when I try to keep a journal, I'll write a couple of things on a page and be like, 'That was pointless; I should just write a song about it.' Nick is confident their music will win over a.. audience: 'You know, that saying that perception is everything is not entirely true. But there's a side of it that is, and we just hope that if someone comes to a show, they'll see that we play our instruments and come away with a better understanding of what we do. But, we're not afraid of where we come from and who knows if we'd be where we are today if that perception wasn't there.'