Friday, April 17, 2009

Miley's Secret Brother !/ new Top Songs

Christopher Cody Cyrus.. he's definitely related to Miley self portrait taker.
Star has new details of the 17-year-old love child of Billy Ray Cyrus and Kristin Luckey, in their upcoming issue. Chris lives in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas with his mother and stepfather.

Kristen said: 'Christopher has seen Miley fewer than five times in his entire life, mostly when they were little kids.' She was a waitress in South Carolina when she got pregnant with Christopher in July 1991 during a relationship with Billy. They had split by the time their son was born the following April.

Then Billy was back in Kentucky where Miley's mom Tish was pregnant with her. Source told Star: 'Tish is a very vindictive woman. Because Billy Ray was seeing Kristin around the same time he was seeing her, she wants him and everyone else in the family to have as little to do with Christopher as possible.'

Kristin hopes her son can connect with Billy and Miley: 'Christopher definitely wants to have a better relationship with his father. And I'm sure that would lead to a wonderful relationship with Miley too.'

[Source: OceanUp]

Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack debuted six of the its songs on Billboard's Hot 100. Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb' moved up two spots to No. 8 and scored the week's greatest digital gain, with downloads up 37% this week.

'Hoedown Throwdown' leaped to No. 28 and Taylor Swift's 'Crazier' climbed to No. 38. Hannah Montana's 'Let's Get Crazy' is at No. 75, Miley & Billy's 'Butterfly Fly Away' debuted at No. 72, and Hannah 'You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home' moved up to No. 88