Saturday, April 18, 2009

new JONAS promo/ Kevin JONAS promo/ Nick Jonas bumper/ Joe Jonas love secrets/ Big Rob at Britney concert!

Joe Jonas dished to BOP about how he deals with girls: 'I think I can read girls well. I have yet to meet a girl who's tricked me.' How does Joe's skills help him crushing? 'I figure out most of the time whether she likes me or not..

..if I don't have a chance or I do. I think I make myself pretty easy to read. If I like somebody, I usually tend to show it in the easiest way, either by flirting with them or just.. yeah. It's obvious!

Big Rob @ Britney Concert

Shoutout to Samuel Kim :-)
Or as i like to call him, Sam the Mule!
"It's Sam the Mule -doodoodoodoo-
It's Sam the Mule -doodoodoodoo-"
Hahah :)
Well, I promised this kid a shouout the first day I started this,
but i kept postponing it .
I guess i have more IMPORTANT friends, just kidding (;
Well, Sam is an amazing photographer,
& he has RayBans, but still claims he is poor.
I know, rightttt ?
He's been my bestest friend since foreverrr,
& I tell him ALL my secrets;
cause afterall, we're secret buddies!
AND obviously, in the 6th grade i had a POOR TASTE IN BOYS
hahahhaha i'm kidding, sam !
He's always there for me when I need him,
And I can talk to him about anything....
except the Jonas Brothers.
Which is why I am choosing to include this shoutout in this JONAS post,
to make him upset (;
He's moving schools next year, and going to Troy.
Yes, he's ditching ALL OF HIS FRIENDS INCLUDING ME just to get a better education!
I mean, what kind of friend is that ?!
After writing him a song about not going to Troy,
Drawing him plenty of drawings,
And having plenty of conversations with him,
Why would you just change schools and leave behind waht you already have when you have a CHOICE?!
"Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours."
The choice is YOURS sam! Choose wisely!
That is all I have to say .
Is please don't go to Troy.
Don't leave me alone in this cruel, mad worlddd!

Love youuuuuu honey buns,
Jasmine ;D