Sunday, April 26, 2009

Demi in London

Demi Lovato doing impressions on BBC Switch.

She mentioned the Jonas Brothers 4 times and they haven't even asked about them..She's loves Brittish people accents.. She loves performing Don't Forget. It's her fave song.. She loves Kings Of Leon, and thinks the drummer is hot..

She wants to sky-dive as soon as she turns 18. She checks into hotels under stupid funny names, picked it up from friends. Popcorn and pickle juice rules.

Demi Lovato revealed to BOP how she was deeply inspired by a disabled fan: 'One of the most inspiring people that I've ever met is a fan at a concert who I kept in touch with. I think God put her in my life because she started getting..

..bullied soon after we met. She has this disease and a basic day for her is spending all night and day being sick and throwing up. She was having trouble with girls and other drama. She had a feeding tube and girls would go after her.

It was horrible. She just wanted to be normal. We'd e-mail, sometimes every day and she sent me a video where she said, 'Thank you for being my friend,' and I was like, 'Thank you for being inspiring,' I'm glad I could be there for her.

She said, 'I wish I could just have something like a real sleepover.' And I said, 'Me too. I know how it feels even though I'm not sick. I know what it's like to long to just be normal sometimes.' It's cool because we have such different lives but we can related to the same things.'