Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JONAS / DC bumpers

Pretty, blonde actress Chelsea Staub played Meredith in the Bratz movie, was in the Disney Channel TV movie “Minutemen” and now, has one of the most coveted roles in tween/teen-aimed TV! She’s playing Stella, the BFF, fashion stylist, dresser to the Jonas Brothers on their new TV show “Jonas”, premiering on the channel May 2nd! We had to find out what the guys are like to work with, if they’ve played any pranks on her and other on-set secrets!

Get the scoop on all things “Jonas” from this friendly insider! Picture pretty Chelsea with her long blonde hair in an upswept do and wearing a gorgeous yellow Phillip Lim dress, black belt and black flats.

TeenTelevision: Chelsea, a lot of girls would love to be in your shoes. What is it about the Jonas guys that most impressed you?
Chelsea: I think the thing that’s amazing is that they’re actually great people and that’s hard to find these days. I think my first impression was ‘wow, these guys are really great’. About a year ago, when we shot the pilot, I was joking around and made some little stars with their names on them and glitter and decorated the dressing rooms and I went over to their house about a year later and they still had them on the doors to their bedrooms and, for me, it’s was like ‘wow, that’s really cool’ and they didn’t know I was coming over so it wasn’t a put on. It wasn’t staged. I think they’re just really good guys.

TeenTelevision: Such a nice story. What was the auditioning process like for you to get this part that I’m sure a lot of girls wanted?
Chelsea: It was long and grueling. It’s actually a funny story. Nicole [Anderson of "Hannah Montana"] and I were both up for [the part of] Stella and we were friends and I got the part and she didn’t. So, as happy as I was to be working with the Jonas Brothers, it was really hard to watch your friend walk away from that role. Now, she’s on the show [Nicole plays Macy, a superfan of the guys]. We shot the pilot and I probably auditioned for maybe five times for the role of Stella with callbacks and more people would be in the room each time. And then, the last audition was with the guys.

TeenTelevision: How was that?
Chelsea: That was cool. I wasn’t as nervous as I probably would be now auditioning because when we originally shot the pilot, it was before the Miley tour and “Burnin’ Up”. It was before even “S.O.S.” hit the airwaves so they weren’t really the phenomenon they are now. So the first pilot was fun. We were all like ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if people like watched it’? [we laugh].

TeenTelevision: Which Jonas has been more funny?
Chelsea: Kevin is hilarious on the show. Nick is the more serious one and Joe is like the crazy prankster.

TeenTelevision: So, other than Jonas music, what kind of music has been played on set?
Chelsea: We have a lot of music on set. With them being artists, we’re constantly listening to music in the make-up room. There’s a lot of Kings of Leon, a lot of music to kind of mellow us out and between scenes they’re always thinking and writing songs. They have some great music. They’re always introducing me to new artists.

TeenTelevision: Are you ready for all the Jonas fans who are going to rush up to you saying ‘OMG, what are they like?’ or “Can you get me into the show?’
Chelsea: Oh yeah. It’s already starting. It’s funny. I have a whole box at home filled with notes and phone numbers for them. So about once a month I’m like ‘here’s your box’. People have given me certificates when they’ve bought a star in the sky named after the guys so it’s pretty incredible.

TeenTelevision: What has your biggest gift to yourself or splurge been since getting the show?
Chelsea: My biggest splurge was going to Paris. That was my gift. I went over Christmas and New Years. I went with my two best girlfriends. I had never been out of the country and this was my first time. We did everything. We were only there for five days but we saw all the museums and the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and we also went out dancing and walked around the city until midnight. It was great.

TeenTelevision: Did you buy a lot of clothes?
Chelsea: We didn’t shop; three girls in Paris. You should have seen us too. We went home with no bags in our hands when we walked off the plane and our moms were like ‘what?’

TeenTelevision: So you aren’t a shopaholic?
Chelsea: I’m actually not. That’s why it’s so funny to play Stella because fashion and shopping have never really been a passion of mine. I like to just wear what’s comfortable. I like to get dressed up but I’ve never been the girl that’s walking slow-motion through the mall with eight shopping bags.

TeenTelevision: What would people be surprised to know about shooting the Jonas show?
Chelsea: I think people would be surprised at probably how long it takes. A lot of the kids just think ‘oh, that’s so fun. They just go out there and put on a show in a half hour but we shoot twelve hours a day, five days a week! I’m there from six in the morning to six at night so it’s a grueling process.

TeenTelevision: Do you get input into the episodes?
Chelsea: There are so many storylines we want to do. Too many to fit into 21 episodes. I know we were backstage today and something funny happened and we were all like ‘you’ve got to write this in!. I was really nervous and the guys are like ‘you’ve got to write a scene’ because I was shivering and was like ‘I’m cold but I’m sweating. It doesn’t make any sense’. They were like ‘you’ve got to write a scene where Stella has a panic attack before a concert’.

TeenTelevision: Who would you like to guest star on the show?
Chelsea: I’d love to have Goldie Hawn come on as my mom. I have no mom on the show yet, so I’m hoping.

TeenTelevision: Any funny pranks played on you by the Jonases yet?
Chelsea: There have been plenty of them. The funniest so far is I thought I was fired! The boys cleared all my furniture out [of my dressing room]. They had to put Joe in a cheerleader lift so he could unscrew my lightblubs. I walked in and it’s empty and dark and there’s a note saying to ‘please see our producers!

TeenTelevision: I’d wanna kill them!
Chelsea: It was funny but scary.

TeenTelevision: Are you gonna get them back with your own prank?
Chelsea: We have one in the works; me and Nicole and pretty much everyone on the crew because they saw me walk onto set saying ‘you guys. I think I’m fired’. So people are coming up to me every day with ‘what about this idea?’

TeenTelevision: Do you all have any love interests on the show?
Chelsea: There are guest star love interests that come in and out every couple of episodes but Stella has grown up with these boys and they’ve known each other for fifteen years and now that they are teenagers, she finds herself conflicted that she’s starting to become attracted to one of them. I can’t say which one.

TeenTelevision: Are the guys going to perform songs we know or new stuff on the show?
Chelsea: It’s all original songs. You’re not gonna hear ‘Burnin’ Up’. Songs they perform will be new ones that the fans haven’t heard. You’ll see them performing but they do it in a music video type way rather than just on stage in a concert.

TeenTelevision: Are you a singer too?
Chelsea: I sang in a movie and I’ll sing for the character but I haven’t approached the idea of recording an album.

TeenTelevision: What nice thing have the guys done for you?
Chelsea: Nick makes awesome Nutella sandwiches and whenever he makes one, he makes an extra for me. We’ll look at each other on set and Nick will go ‘do you know what time it is?’ and we’ll just walk over to the craft services (food) table without even saying anything and start making the sandwiches.

TeenTelevision: Is there another Disney show you would like to be on?
Chelsea: Probably “Hannah Montana”. I love Miley and that would be fun.

TeenTelevision: What are you driving?
Chelsea: Probably, the first car I get will be a hybrid. You know I’m 20 and I’m still driving my dad’s hand-me-down car, a Mitzubishi.

TeenTelevision: What was a memorable romantic date for you?
Chelsea: I know one date we went up on the roof of the Barnes and Noble at The Grove and that was cool to be able to look down at everyone below and have our own little spot.

TeenTelevision: How do you let a guy know that you like him?
Chelsea: I’ve always just waited to him to make the first move. I’ve never been able to be like ‘Hey, let’s start hangin’ out’. Obviously I try to be as approachable as possible.

TeenTelevision: What is the craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
Chelsea: They always say I’m dating one of the boys but nothing too crazy yet.

TeenTelevision: What is the best advice you have ever gotten?
Chelsea: Someone just told me one time ‘you’ve got to just live to the point of tears’ which I thought was great. Whether you’re upset or laughing so hard that you’re crying, I’ve always loved that. Just get it done. I think it was my mom that found it one day when I was upset. ‘you’ve just got to live to the point of tears’ and I was like ‘all right! I like that’.

TeenTelevision: Do you have a cause or charity that you support?
Chelsea: I went to the Carousel of Hope which raises money for diabetes and that was cool to be a part of now, knowing Nick; wanting to give back when it directly effects someone that I care about.

Source: Teen Television