Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jonas Brothers Seventeen Photoshoot

Nick Jonas told Seventeen: I think you have to laugh sometimes when the younger fans are like 'Will you marry me?' and all that stuff. It's kind of comical, but we're flattered by it.. The biggest misconception about Joe is that people..

..think that he's always what he is on YouTube, which is kind of crazy and jumping off walls. It's funny because he's like I can't always be like that. But when he's on, he's really on..

Joe and I are very close on tour. Because we share a room together, we talk a lot. It's a weird thing going from the crowds who you play for to an empty hotel room by yourself. It's the switching of worlds that can really make you not
have a good head space.

Kevin: You always see celebrities that look so bad when they're just walking around on the street or something on a Saturday morning. They look like..

..they just rolled out of bed and they probably did because every one of their days is spent in hair and makeup or in front of the camera so it's like, when you don't have to, you're not going to.

Joe: I would love to do more acting, maybe movies, that would be really cool. I think Johnny Depp's work is really great, he always incorporates music into what he does. 

Sexy outtakes under!

HMM! DOES THAT MEAN JOE'S GOING SOLO TO ACT? million dollar question!