Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new JB Blog & Tweets !

New Myspace blog:
Hey everyone! Sure hope everyone is doing great. We have been busy putting the finishing touches on our new CD. We are making the final mixes now and soon there will be music for everyone to hear.

We really cannot wait for you to hear the music. We are probably more excited about this CD than any before. We have a show this weekend then we are all taking a break and some down time.

After that we will be rehearsing for tour. The stage is looking amazing and we are preparing so many exciting surprises. What are you looking forward to seeing this summer? Let us know! Thanks JB Kevin, Joe and Nick

they've been replying too!
unfortunately, not to me quite yet :(
they're uploading alot of pictures while they're in the studio touching up their album right now!
they tagged their photos hilariously, showing the other side of them purity rings (;
such as +sex +condom +delicious +fierce +awesomeness +model

1:00AM ET/10:00PM PT: They are rehearsing right now for their world tour!
[Source: JHQ]

The boys will be at the 17 Again premiere tonight !