Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miley, 'If I Was Bigger I'd Be 'Too Fat''

Miley Cyrus is very upset with online criticism, claiming that if she'd was smaller, she be deemed 'too skinny' and if she was bigger she'd be called
'too fat'. Miley told the press:

'I think they're hard on the celebrities featured but the kids that go on there as well. I'm a normal girl and if I was any smaller, I'd be 'too skinny' and if I was any bigger I'd be 'too fat,' there's never perfection.

But if the sites show pictures of me on the red carpet and then kids think 'that's what you're supposed to look like.' I think it gets people mixed up- not only the celebrities, but the kids reading it as well. I think it's all trash.'

to be perfectly honest, i feel bad for all these celebs getting punished for every little thing. its like the world is waiting for them to do something wrong. & you really can't deny that they're people too.