Monday, April 20, 2009

Nick Jonas starring on "The Doctors" / Australia tour

Nick Jonas will star in an 'The Doctors' airing May 1 @ 9 AM on Channel
2, according to NY Post. The episode features Rachel, a 13-year-old from Manhattan Beach, California, who's on the show with her mother to discuss how she's treated her diabetes the past two years.

She's totally taken by surprise when Dr. Travis Stork whisks her in a limo to
see Nick Jonas, the Jonas Brothers star who's been very public in his battle with diabetes and how he lives with the disease. Nick gives Rachel a new Countour Meter so she can monitor her blood sugar and she gets an
extra-special surprise. According to The Hot Hits..

Jonas Brothers will be going to Australia early December 2009 and are locking in dates.The gigs are back to back in just 3 days and they will only be doing 3 dates on the East Coast, most likely Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne.

Joe dished to EW on being lucky not having to film in front of a live audience
for JONAS. Joe: 'It's nice for us. We don't have to worry that every take will be messed up. We appreciate we can focus on the acting side of things.'

If there's a live audience there, there's a little more pressure to have your lines down, 'cause it's a little different, and it's filmed as if you filmed a Broadway show almost. [With our show,] if you mess up, you can go, 'OK, let's do it again.' You can have, like, 72 takes, and you're good.'