Tuesday, December 30, 2008

UPDATE 12/30

  • The Jonas Brothers made the #2 spot on the Most Wanted Celebrity of 2008 List by ContactAnyCelebrity.com. Here's the whole list: 1. Miley Cyrus (Actor/Singer)2. Jonas Brothers (Musicians)3. Oprah Winfrey (Talk Show Host/Philanthropist)4. Zac Efron (Actor)5. John Cena (Wrestler)6. Chris Brown (Musician)7. Britney Spears (Musician)8. Paris Hilton (Socialite)9. Angelina Jolie (Actor)10. Michael Jackson (Musician)
  • The Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato are taking over Radio Disney next Tuesday, January 6 at 3pm PST and 6pm EST. Don't forget !
  • Joe Jonas is growing A BEARD! The blooming facial hair was seen yesterday at a restaurant in Texas where Joe was having dinner. Turns out, it was the same dinner where Nick and Selena were spotted on their dinner date! After dinner, they went to Omni IMAX Theatre, and had their 3D glasses, so they either watched Bolt or YesMan. A lucky jonas fan got to meet them!
  • As of today, the Jonas Brothers on #3 on the top 100 celebrities as calculated by Celebuzz. Miley Cyrus is #2, and Britney Spears is #1.
  • Joe&Taylor's breakup were #2 on Celebuzz's Most Awkward Celebrity Moments of 2008.
  • Demi Lovato told Young Hollywood that she still hasn't taken her drivers ed classes because she's too busy! Also, the Jonas Brothers took a day off to see Demi at the Roxy. How sweet!
  • The Jonas Brothers' animated movie project, Walter the Farting Dog, comes out next spring. Sooner than JONAS!
  • JONAS PROJECTS: It is rumored that in Camp Rock 2, Nick Jonas & Alyson Stoner's characters will have a little puppy love. Nick and Kevin will have bigger roles this time than the origninal Camp Rock. The Jonas Brothers 3D Movie is officially DONE with filming! The official release date is Friday, 2/27! JONAS is supposedly to premiere next spring also, but hey, they've been saying it would premiere as early as last fall! Plus, they haven't finished filming the first season yet.
  • Pick up the new Cosmo Girl Prom starring Demi Lovato on stands now! There are really great pictures in her signature red & black outfits. She talks about Selena, the Jonas Brothers, and other Disney stars.
  • In a book called, Let's Play Doctor, the Jonas Brothers are mentioned in one sentence. “The Letter ‘N’ appears 5 times in the names of Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas.” Don't know how that could relate to the book, but the author was certainly right!
  • The Jonas Brothers are #4 , Taylor Swift is #6, Zac Efron is #9, and Selena Gomez is #10 in Yahoo's Celebrity Brat Pack.
  • The Jonas Brothers are #2 on SendPress's 2008 Ten Best Mannered List for their strong commitment to personal values!
  • Vote for the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and more on the 1st Annual Shining Stars Awards in various catergories. You can vote 20 times per day until January 5th. Show the boys your support! (&other nominees i guess!)
  • Zac Efron is the coolest male according to polls conducted by The Sun in UK.
  • Video for the Jonas Brothers on Canada's MuchMusic #1 Sexiest Stars of 2008.