Tuesday, September 1, 2009

JBWT Ottowa - last show ):

kevin is pranked, and sits on the floor and plays a mini piano during turn right :) joe can't stop laughing!

kevin's thank yous, including one to his fiancee, aw (:

nick&joe tear up the drumset!

crew joins big rob during his rap, all wearing big rob shirts!

we all know that the jonas brothers get rolled to the stage in black boxes so they aren't recognized by crazy fans.

we all know that they have a fan inside each of their boxes to keep cool.

we know nick keeps inspirational quotes taped inside his box, and kevin puts a tally mark after each show.

so these boxes are no longer a secret. so yes, these girls standing here next to the boxes were inches away from none other than joe, kevin, and nick.

if i were them, i think i might just jump on the box, and tear it apart ;)