Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Taylor Swift passes 10 million record sales

Taylor Swift has surpassed the 10 million milestone for record sales in actual full albums sold. Tay has also sold over 20 million paid song downloads, more than any artist in country music history. Taylor has released her quadruple platinum self-titled debut CD in October of 2006 on Big Machine Records, and followed it up with the Fearless album two years later.

Fearless was the country's top selling album for the first 33 weeks of this year, and now has sales of more than 4 million copies in the US and Gold and Platinum certifications in fourteen countries spanning five continents.

Taylor's 10 million albums sold include the following: Taylor Swift 4,369,749 units US Fearless 4,020,725 units US Taylor Swift & Fearless 1,297,059 units International Beautiful Eyes 256,822 units (Wal-Mart only) The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection 151,844 units.

Source: OU

HOLY MOTHER CRAPPPPPPP. taylor is amazing<3
i can't wait for the Fearless deluxe edition!
but come on, i'm dying for a new album