Friday, July 24, 2009

Danielle DeleasaKevin's fiancee DOES NOT HAVE A TWITTER

Danielle Deleasa, soon to be Mrs. Kevin Jonas II does NOT have a twitter account. The account @danielledeleasa, is not her nor is any other twitter. The Jonas Brothers’ violinist, Christa Black mentioned on July 10th and 11th tweets about it. So please PAST THE NEWS around and tell everyone about it and to unfollow/block. There already too many followers believing it and it’s disrespectful on behalf of the REAL Danielle Deleasa.

itschristablack – nick did NOT go to the hospital. impostors. and NONE of the jobros or danielle have twitters. does that clear everything up? great.11:42 PM Jul 10th from web
itschristablack – funny, b/c the other day when i was WITH her she said she didn’t! RT @dianaKJ24 your wrong because danielle really does have a twitter.3:55 AM Jul 11th from web