Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kevin Jonas, "Disney doesn't pressure us"

Kevin Jonas talked to Mercury News about his blossoming career how he's happy working in an arena full of screaming kids: 'I think that being part of it, witnessing it firsthand, is much better than working at Starbucks and just
getting by at college.'

Do you feel pressure of having so many people depending on you financially, from your road crew to Disney stockholders? 'We don't really feel pressure. We have a really great system in place and a great team in place that makes it fun everywhere we go.

We know it's a machine, we know it's a big business, and we don't really look
at it that way. We look at it as a great way for us to enjoy the art that we like
to make, and enjoy just the excitement of making new music.'

Ever want to break free from the corporate Disney shackles? 'We were a band way before we ever did anything with Disney. It's been great. The reason we love them is 'cause they let us be who we..

..are. They don't try to change us. They do not pressure us to be anything.
I think that's a common misconception and it's definitely not the way it is.'