Friday, July 31, 2009

Miley "Nick & I love each other"

Nick Jonas revealed to M that 'Before The Storm' is the song that means the most to him on the Jonas Brothers new album: 'I'm really happy with the song and am glad it was able to happen.' Song lyrics include: 'We were young and times we easy.. I don't want to lose her.' Nick added, 'It's not the end, just a new chapter.' Miley dished on Niley: 'Obviously Nick and I have a lot of history. We know people might ask, 'Why would Miley be in a song?' It's because Nick and I love each other, think the world of each other and no matter what, we're gonna be best friends.'Nick revealed that he and Miley are 'hanging out, having a good time and enjoying life. We've reconnected and that's what's important.' Miley added, 'I'm so happy to be in the Jonas Brothers' lives and them in mine and my family is happy we're hanging out again.'