Friday, March 27, 2009

JB LA Times Interview

Pop & Hiss sat down with the Jonas Brothers at the group's Los Angeles studio this week, and one thing's for certain: The Mouse won't let these boys rest for a minute. The Disney act, which recently released a 3-D concert film, will be back on tour this summer with a pair of new albums to draw material from, all to the delight of their devoted cadre of screaming young girls.

This summer, the Jonas Brothers will release a new full-length, as well as a soundtrack to their upcoming Disney Channel series. The latter will contain eight or nine original songs, and the new tour will see the Jonas Brothers performing in-the-round on an extremely mobile 144-foot stage, one that Kevin says will keep every audience member within 60-feet of at least one Jonas Brother.

Also, whereas last year's tour setup implemented shoots of fire, the boys say this year will emphasize the cooling powers of H20. Watch the video above to see some early renderings of the stage.

Pop & Hiss grilled the act on the TV series and the new album. "We've taken definitely a step in a new direction, added a lot of horns -- definitely getting a lot more funky" Kevin said of the upcoming set, due in June. He also hints that a cover of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" might be in the act's future.

The Jonas Brothers didn't seem bothered by what many considered were the poor box-office results of the 3-D film, speaking instead about what they learned from watching themselves on screen. But what did they think of the recent episode of "South Park," which had the boys fending off a fire-breathing Mickey Mouse?

"To be on an episode of ‘South Park’ is kind of an honor," said Nick.

--Todd Martens & Margaret Wappler