Saturday, March 21, 2009


Jonas Brothers are hoping to purchase the Beverly Glen area home of late silver screen star Marion Davies, reports PR Inside. Pyschic Kenny Kingston insists that the estate comes with an eerie past, including high-profile affairs, illegitimate children, outrageous parties and a mysterious fire which almost wrecked the place 20 years ago:

'I've visited that home and it's frequented by spirits, good and bad. [Marion Davies lived there and Joseph Kennedy had an affair with both her and Gloria Swanson there.] The house has a history of bad health and, therefore, the Jonas boys will need to guard their health in this house. The place should be blessed before they move in.'

The brothers have reportedly already bought Armani Casa furniture for their
new pad, which sits across the road from the family's existing compound, even though the sale has yet to go through. The boys have reportedly hired top house designer Kenneth Bordewick to advise them on the decor. Sources claim Bordewick has already taken a walk around the grounds.

From Deco Films: It's either one of these houses. This first house is located at 1700 Lexington in Beverly Hills. It was the first home Marion occupied when she moved to LA. The second one is located at 1011 Beverly Drive and is shrouded in trees on a hilltop. The driveway is a sharp uphill slope with the pool going up the side of the hill in three layers. The Bodyguard was filmed here.

[Source: OceanUp]

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