Sunday, March 22, 2009

JONAS plot summary


Kevin, Nick, and Joe are three brothers who hit the big time as hugely popular teen idols. How do teen idols live an ordinary life? They don't! But as they try to be normal boys doing "normal" things, life keeps getting less and less "normal". Living in the fish bowl can't get any funnier! Written by Alan Baltes

While trying to live their lives like "normal" teenagers, the boys find themselves in interesting situations. Kevin, the oldest, realizes the difficulties of becoming a young adult as he must deal with the rejection from various colleges. Joe finds that maybe he was not meant to be shadowed by his brothers, but that perhaps what he really wants is a solo career. Nick on the other hand, must deal with the normal teenage boy issues; dealing with girls. Break-out star Katie Cunningham plays the role of Peyton, Nick's new-found girlfriend. The two become inseparable. But will this new girlfriend simply become a distraction for nick and the rest of the gang?

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