Monday, March 30, 2009

Jonas Brothers dance at Honor Society concert/Perez Bday

so cute (:
i really hope i can go to sandiego !


From FOX News: Despite the very clear 'No Persons Under 21' sign on the
door of the Viper Room for Perez Hilton's birthday party on Saturday night, an exception was made for the Jonas Brothers who partied with Perez and sang him 'Happy Birthday' as his Coldstone Birthday cake was brought out.

But the boys' better watch that their squeaky-clean image doesn't get too tainted as Paris Hilton was all over them all night, and overheard gushing about how excited she was too see them

Btw, new Nicksimmplewins blog:
New Nickssimplewins blog:
want to start off by saying thank you to Jordan and Billy from JDRF. Billy was the cameraman and Jordan was the reporter who covered our 3D Movie Premiere in Los Angeles for You two did a great job and if you haven’t checked it out go to the video section and see all the interviews they captured on the carpet.

We are currently doing one of my favorite parts of being a Jonas Brother. . . recording! The creative process of writing and recording music can be very relaxing, especially when everything around us is going 100 MPH. I can’t wait for all of you to hear the new music. We already have 8 - 9 songs done for the next CD.

Last week I spent a day with my partners from Bayer. We spent all day planning everything we are going to bring you this year. It was a very long day which included a photo shoot and video shoot along with some brainstorming sessions. They also previewed some new products and programs we will be launching. You’ll learn more about those in the coming months. I have included a couple shots from the day.

Time to head to the studio; don’t forget to watch us on the Kids Choice Awards this weekend.

My Simple Win this month? Creating new music for our fans to enjoy.

Happy Easter!