Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Jonas Brothers CRACKED interview excepts: So, do you guys like movies? Nick: Yeah. They're pretty good. Joe: Heh, OK. Sure. I like movies. Kevin: Yes.

Aren't parents lame? Nick: Sometimes, sure. But you know, they're just looking out for us. Kevin, will you have sex with me? Publicist: Don't answer that. I'm sorry, that was impolite. Will any of you have sex with me?

Publicist to interviewer: Before this interview, what did I specifically request you not to ask about? Interviewer: Having sex, wasn't on the list of things we weren't supposed to ask. Let's try a different tack. What do you do in your spare time?

Nick: The usual stuff, you know. Play sports. Video games. Talk to friends
online. What is your favorite color? Joe: Blue. Nick: Red. Kevin: Yellow.

What kind of girls do you guys like to date? Joe: I like shy girls. Nick: I like creative girls. Artistic ones. Musicians. Kevin: I like ones that look like me. -sighs- I like sporty girls.

Would you like to see my collection of edged weapons? Joe: -impossibly long pause- Like knives? No, not really. Obviously knives! Swords, glaives, halbreds. Nick: Yeah, uh, no thanks. Kevin: Actually I kind of would like to see them.

Your haircuts are appalling. Some say you look like the love children of Bob Dylan and a low quality carpet. My question is, how many times have you had sex with Mick Jagger? Kevin: Zero. Nick: None. Joe: Nope, me neither

JJJ caught up with all four Jonas Brothers at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday afternoon (March 28) at UCLA’s Pauley Pavillion.

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — talked to JJJ all about their new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times. They even exclusively shared the name of the song that means the most of them!

On adding horns into the new album: “We’re adding horns. Today, we actually have the horn players on stage with us. It’s going really well, they’re amazing. Even on the album, it’s a different sound for us. A little more Neil Diamond-ish, Zutons, kind of meets Prince somewhere in there.”

On what we can expect from the upcoming tour: “The stage is round, just like the Britney [Spears] tour. We’re surrounded by fans everywhere and it’s really exciting for us. [We've] always wanted to do a show that’s kind of like a rodeo. I think they [the fans] can expect kind of the same Jonas Brothers things. Obviously some of the same songs, and cool stage things. We’re not giving away any hints except what the stage looks like. It could turn into a Transformer, you never know. We’re playing five or six songs from the new record, which is so exciting for us. We’ll be introducing some new sounds on the older songs to make it different.”

On the most meaningful song on the album: “We’re not giving song titles just yet. There are about three songs…we’re trying to figure out the first single right now. The first single is always the most meaningful, it kicks off the new sound of the record. There’s one that means a lot to all of us. It’s called “Turn Right” It’s a song…you go left on a race track and a person in your life is going left and you’re saying turn right into the safe place in my arms. It’s a beautiful, broken down song and there’s a pedal-steel guitar and a fiddle. It’s just beautiful.”

Joe, 19, also thanked JJJ. He shared, “I got all my friends hooked on [the board game] Moods!” (JJJ Note: The JoBros and JJJ played Moods on their private jet during the surprise theater invasion.)

Tiger Beat special on the Jonas Brothers 'What Boys Really Think'. Joe: The first things I notice about a girl are.. Eyes, smile, and how she presents herself to others. Someone who walks in a room and is nice to everyone.

I get bummed out when.. I stub my finger or I bite my tongue or the inside of my cheek. That bothers me so much. I share clothes with.. Nick, sometimes. It's a big no to wear Kevin's clothes.

Nick Jonas: I get frustrated when.. I'm flirting with someone and she isn't interested. It's kind of annoying having to deal with that. I talk to my brothers about.. Our fans. Joe and I share a room, and we talk about how our day went because it's usually pretty crazy. We talk for hours.

You would be surprised to know.. We have the same responsibilities at
home as everyone else. We take out the trash and other typical chores.

Kevin: I've always wanted to be a.. Secret admirer. Even if I'm with a girl, I
could pretend to be one and surprise her a little bit. I love it when a girl wears the color.. Red. I'm self-conscious about.. I was told I have a weird nose-tap thing. I guess I was always rubbing my nose during interviews.

Random Tidbits: The guys learned to sign 'I love you' for their deaf fans. Nick would love to take a date to Chicago, his fave city. Joe stays warm with a velvet black comforter his mom gave him. Kevin says a girl wearing a dress will always catch his eyes.