Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Fans stalk our grandparents" Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers‘ grandparents are being stalked!

Joe Jonas, 19, has revealed how some of the band’s biggest fans have been trying to track down his elderly relatives in the hopes of “hanging out” with them.

“Sometimes they’ll try to find out who our grandparents are and track them down so they can hang out with them,” Joe says. “It’s kinda weird but they’re ready for it now. We also have some good security so they’re helping out too although they don’t really seem to mind.”

Kevin Jonas recently revealed that he never fights with his bandmate siblings.

“From the early days, we’ve learned how to work and write together – we don’t fight,” he said.

“There are little things we disagree over, but we learn to work them out. Kevin’s a bit messy sometimes, but I share a room with Joe.

“We get along very well. I think it’s just because we have a different kind of respect for one another, being in the band together.

“We consider each other as equals. There’s no picking on the youngest, it’s just not that way. We have fun with each other, but it’s never serious, coming down on someone.”

Source: Showbiz Spy