Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Jonas Brothers make time for fan suffering brain tumor

A 12-year-old girl battling a brain tumor got some unconventional therapy when an anonymous donor gave her tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert. Jessica Walker has been in Seattle Children’s Hospital since January, where she has undergone 20 operations that made her seem less and less like her old self, her parents told Seattle’s KING 5 TV. The concert turned out to be a gift for parents, Scott and Cheryl Walker, too. Through the delight visible on Jessica’s face, for a few hours, they got to see their little girl again. “Seeing her smile and her eyes just going huge – it’s like we’re getting a piece of our Jessica back,” Cheryl Walker said. It wasn’t easy getting Jessica, who’s on a ventilator and can no longer walk, speak, or move on her own, to the Tacoma Dome for the performance Sunday night. But it proved well worth the effort. “We really didn’t know and think Jessica would ever be able to anything like this – go to the concert. This is huge,” Scott Walker, said. After the show, Jessica got a surprise that would have thrilled any tween; the Jonas Brothers invited her backstage to meet. And in what could be seen as an act of bravery, she didn’t don a wig when she went to meet her heroes. “She wants the Jonas Brothers to see her for who she is, so she’s not wearing a wig,” said her mom.

Source: Ny daily news