Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Taylena drama!

Taylor Lautner's 'desperate' for a girlfriend, because he dumped his high school sweetheart after he made it big. According to insiders, when Taylor arrived in Canada to film

New Moon he 'instantly flipped for Selena [Gomez].

Selena said she wouldn't hang with him unless he was single, so he broke up with his high school girlfriend Sara Hicks.
But after a couple of months together, Selena confided to him that she had a thing for his costar Robert Pattinson, and shocked Taylor by asking if he would put in a good word for her!

Taylor and Rob are close friends, but it's got to sting Taylor that Rob's the guy the girls are chasing. Sadly, no one seems to notice Taylor. He's incredibly buffed and great looking. But girls are so busy lusting after Rob that they overlook Taylor.

I have a feeling this whole story is a rumor.