Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Demi Lovato Starpulse interview

Demi Lovato Starpulse interview excerpts: Do you have a favorite song on the new album? Probably a song called 'Catch Me''s been a fan favorite and it could be released as a single one day.

On being frightened of Barney: (Laughs) Well, to be honest, when we were shooting one day I almost got trampled by it because I wasn't paying attention. And that was frightening because the suit's extremely heavy. I never got afraid of it, it was just a huge suit. I made sure to watch out where I was going next time.

Like to branch out to an older demographic? I don't think I'm ready for that yet, you know? I think when I'm in my late 20's or late 30's I'll be with them, doing projects that they're doing. But, right now, I'm 16 and I don't want to take on anything that's too challenging or anything that would scare my fans away.
I want to grow with my fans.

As time goes by I want to have a long lasting career. So, I think the way to
do that is to grow with your fans and release music that they'll appreciate but, yet, adults can appreciate, too. Just because I don't talk about certain subjects that adults talk about doesn't mean I can't write lyrics that will be accepted by adults, too.

When touring with Jonas Brothers was the crowd receptive or did they just want the Jonas Brothers to come on? I was very surprised at how receptive they were and very intrigued and excited to hear my music.

And toward the end of the tour I had people bringing Demi posters; which is incredible. I think it helped that we did 'Camp Rock' together and people kind of associated the two of us. And then we went on tour together and it was awesome. It was absolutely incredible. The fans were just so great.

There was one experience where these girls were booing me. There were just like four of them and they were at the end of the runway. And just mocking me and things like that. In the middle of one of my songs I was just like,

'I just want a round of applause for these four girls, dead center. They are
just such great fans and they're just being so awesome. Give them a round
of applause and put them on the spot.' They were so embarrassed.

On her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader mom: The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were really respectful, they weren't just girls that pranced around in little outfits. They're really hard working. My mom tells me a lot of stories about how they would have to work so hard every single day.

She would often tell me how sometime you couldn't go get a drink of water on the field, even if you're dying of thirst. Or, you had to wear those outfits while it's snowing. She just taught me a lot by all of the stories about how hard she had to work and to never give up and things like that. I think the cheerleaders work just as hard as the football players do.