Sunday, August 30, 2009

request "over you" by honor society on KIIS FM!

A big thank you to Samantha for letting us in on this information. She spoke with JoJo from KIIS FM and he informed her that the man in charge of what the DJ’s are allowed to play on the stations does have Honor Society’s single, “Over You.” JoJo said that means that WE NEED TO REQUEST IT TO GET IT PLAYED.

So everyone let’s rally together to get Over You on the air in LA/So Cal area. 102.7 KIIS FM is the biggest radio station in LA and Irvine.

Call them at:

1 (800) 520-1027 to request Over You.


Send an e-mail to one of the DJ’s at this link:

Even if you not from the LA or So Cal area you can still call and e-mail to help Honor Society out! Let’s make this happen! We can do it!

Source: MBO

I had to post this cause i live in LA & KIIS FM is like the hottest radio station here (:

so i'd love to hear over you on the radio! so please reqest!