Monday, August 31, 2009

JBWT Toronto

according to everyone: JB, Jonas Band, Jordin Sparks, HS, Demi, JUST EVERYONE

Toronto was the greatest show EVER, and one they'll all never forget!

Those 55,000 fans in the audience are the luckiest (:

The Camp Rock cast was sitting in the audience, since they're rehearsing for CR2 in Toronto!

FF to 3:30. It's probably the worst fall joe's had all tour, but it's not that bad (:

& guess who surprised the audience with a performance with JB?

the one and only, MISS DEMI LOVATO!

them canadians are so freaking luckyy!

today's the last JBWT show until they go international, and head back for some winter dates.

have fun ottawa!