Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FAN MEETS JB AT JOE'S SURPRISE SKATE PARTY! article on Joe Jonas' skating birthday party at Skate Country Westbank in Terrytown, New Orleans, LA. Kayla Walden, 13, daughter of the skating rink's manager. Her mom said: 'Kayla got to meet them and take a picture. She was shaking and crying. They told her, 'It's OK, it's OK.' They
were really sweet.'

On Wednesday someone called wanting to book a private party for an unnamed celebrity. When they found out it was a surprise party for Joe Jonas, they put an announcement on the skating rink's Web site warning parents to pick up their children an hour early Saturday because of 'unforeseen maintenance repair.'

Jonas' manager wanted the party strictly confidential: 'They just wanted to have
a good time with their family and friends without being disturbed and bothered. The boys don't get to have too much down time. They're always on the road and at concerts. They skated and had the best time.'

Party DJ A.J. Vado said: 'I had to ask which one's which. I met with Joe, when I figured out who he was. He said, 'I wanna hear old school.' Skating rink worker said: 'They didn't act like they were too good for anybody.'

what a lucky girl!

& p.s. nick, you look gooooood in purple :D