Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to prepare for Jonas Brothers 3D Movie

While we're already super pumped about the Jonas Brothers 3D Movie Experience coming out February 27, turns out we may be watching the JoBros in 3D for real!The JBs announced that they'll be stopping into theaters around the country to surprise fans checking out their new movie. If they show up at our theater, we’ll choke on our popcorn!The boys wouldn't announce which theaters they'll be dropping by, but just in case they come to your screening (we're jealous already!), here are some preparation tips:- Rest your voice. Because when the JBs are around, it's always a contest to see who can scream the loudest.- Get a pair of 4D glasses. Sure, with 3D you can watch the movie, but with 4D, you can totally step it up a notch and see the JBs in another dimension.- Bring your lasso. It may be the one chance you have to rope one of the guys.- Save an empty seat next to you. You'll tick off everyone else, but it'll be worth it when Nick parks his rear right near your caboose!- Go easy on the Gummi Bears. You wouldn't want to talk to the JoBros like this: "I Wub Woo Wo Much!" [Source: 4TnZ]