Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New blog from Nick's Simple Wins

January was a busy month but February is going to be even more fun! In January, we presented at the Golden Globe Awards and had the honor of performing at The Kids Ball in Washington for President Obama’s Inauguration. All of Washington was buzzing with excitement that week and we were glad that we were able to be a part of it.
The schedule that we keep is just another reason being in control of my diabetes is so important to me. Bayer and their Contour meter help me achieve that goal everyday.
This month my brothers and I have a lot of “firsts” planned. The Grammys were this month. We performed, but are even more thrilled that we were nominated! Both things are really a dream come true. Did you enjoy our performance with Stevie Wonder? It was truly an honor to grace the stage with such a living legend.
On February 14th we will be performing on SNL. Most of that week actually we will be in NYC doing press letting everyone know about our 3D movie which comes out February 27th.
This month will round out with lots of promo for the premiere of our 3D Movie, continuing to record our TV series, JONAS, appearing in the Barbara Walters Oscar Night Special and much more. Have you decided where you are going to see the 3D Movie? Remember it comes out the 27th! I hope that you enjoy it.
My Simple Win this month? Being able to manage my diabetes well enough to be performing at the Grammys and premiering our 3D Movie!
Happy Valentines Day.