Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Jonas Brothers talked to ABC about possible solo projects. When Joe was asked if he might be the next Justin Timberlake and break away from the group, he said ‘there’s always talk about solo projects, but for us, it would never be a solo project, it’d be a side project. There’s no way we can just break up, because, I mean, I live in the same house as them, so it’s going to be pretty difficult.’ Spending time with the Jonases reveals that they’re a faith-based family who pray at their own concerts. Denise Jonas said, ‘You have to really draw on that faith on a daily basis, to know that our strength and every gift that we all have, that the boys have, comes from, from the Lord.’ Father Kevin added, ‘Every room I walk in the crew tells me, ‘Thank you for raising good boys.” The family is currently living in Dallas, and the brothers have been recording a new album and shooting JONAS.Nick: ‘Who’s to say what tomorrow will bring, but we believe that our fans are amazing, and that they will be there for us, forever. These fans are different. And, like we said, we’re all growing up together, and they mean a lot to us. I think they know we really care for them. I believe the favor will be returned.’