Monday, February 23, 2009

Jonas Brothers

1. - Be a part of the 3D Movie opening weekend mosaic! Email your pictures of you and your friends seeing the 3D movie opening weekend, maybe the premier, a midnight showing, seeing it in Imax, or on Sunday afternoon. 10 Lucky JB fans will win a signed poster by the boys.
2. FFE - Make sure to appoint Theatre Captains, or Colonels according to Joe, with your group. Also, send in pictures from your house party to the site! AND starting today try to earn as many points as you can in the day.
3. Tour & Album - THEY ARE ANNOUNCING THE DATES SOON!!!! YES! Of course, I don’t know what their definition of soon is, but for me soon means by the end of the month. Boys, right ::nudge nudge:: right? AND they were recording last night, a song about fans. Recording on a Friday Night? At least Joe had some awesome pancakes after.
4. ETC - Joe gave massive promotion to Jamba Juice, and I’m pretty sure their sales of that strawberry drink will go through the roof! Kevin was holding a Starbucks - my fav. AND they totally stuck with Ritas over Pinkberry. Always guys, always. There were acoustic songs of Tonight, a Monkey song, and Lovebug/Jason Mraz.
Overall, this was such an AMAZING CHAT! It started on time, they actually did more than just promote the movie. Joe defended farting, Nick confused Chile & chili, and they played Hangman. Did anyone else think it was funny Kev’s phrase was “Cell Phone? I updated a lot on my twitter, which was easier and quicker. THEY DO NOT HAVE A TWITTER! Joe - it is pronounced T-W-I-T-T-E-R.

[Source: Jonas HQ]