Friday, March 13, 2009

Demi opening for JB European concerts

OMG! After we saw the tour dates for the Jonas Brothers upcoming world tour, we noticed something interesting. If you look at Demi Lovato’s MySpace page, her calendar says that she’s doing a concert in Madrid, Spain at a venue called “Palacio de Deportes” on June 13th. Well, Guess what? If you look at the Jonas Brothers’ world tour calendar and scroll down to June 13th, it says the SAME exact thing - that they’ll be performing at “Palacio de Deportes” in Madrid, too! Not only that, the next two calendar dates on Demi’s page and the Jonas Brothers’ page match up! Demi will be opening up for the guys in Paris on June 14th and London on June 15th! But why haven’t the Jonas Brothers come out and said anything yet? So far they’ve only mentioned Jordin Sparks and Honor Society. Do they want it to be a secret? Too late! We figured it out! Yay!

[Source: DLW]