Monday, March 2, 2009

JB "A Woman Lied About Being Our Mom

Jonas Brothers interviewed by Yahoo! on a flight during the 3D Theater Invasion trip. Your movie has been compared to the Beatles' 'A Hard Day's Night.' Have you seen it? Nick ' Of course! It was a big inspiration as far as the humor goes and kind of the spontaneous combustion of the music that's in the movie. We love the Beatles. They're a big inspiration for us as a band and we tried to incorporate some of that into this movie and pay tribute to it.' Which scene was the most fun for you to film? Joe: 'I think all of the New York behind the scenes stuff when you get to see what our life is like every day. Also, there's like a little montage of what our tour life is like. That's so cool for us because that's what we live every day, so to capture that on film.. it's so nice for us to watch back. It's a little piece of [our] memory forever.' Nick: 'There have been a lot of crazy things. One time, we were on vacation in the Bahamas and we were at dinner as a family and this mother came up to the manager of the restaurant and said she wanted to go surprise her sons who were in the back, the Jonas Brothers. Meanwhile, we were at dinner with our mom! So this woman was lying about being our mother to try and come back and get her daughters to take a picture with us. We had a good laugh about that one! I think we really do appreciate the effort the fans make to try to get backstage and things like that. We are very flattered by it. They have very unique and amazing ways of showing their appreciation for us. Have you ever hung a poster of someone you idolized? Joe: 'I was a big fan of Weezer, and I still am, but that was the only band that I ever had on my wall.' Nick: 'I have a couple of vinyl records on my wall now, 'Rascals Retrospective' and 'The Animals Best Of.' I am a fan of old vinyl records, but I don't have anything plastered from magazines or anything!'