Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jonas Brothers 4th Album !

Opening-weekend numbers for the Jonas Brothers’ 3-D movie have been seen as a disappointment by some, but the pop-rockers are staying focused on the future — namely, on the new full-length album and tour they have planned for this summer.
Recording and mixing on their fourth studio disc, which remains untitled for now, is well underway with an eye towards a June or July release, according to the JoBros’ camp. “It’s a whole new vibe that the Jonas Brothers are about to bring to the fans,” says manager Johnny Wright. “The guys have gotten older. They’ve had many experiences along the line from the last album, including love experiences. [The album] is about what’s happening with them on the road and what’s happening in life.”
The band is tentatively hoping to release a single in the first week of June. They’ll also kick off a tour that month, debuting new material from an in-the-round-style stage. Adds Wright: “There are new fans coming to this band every day that have never been exposed to seeing them live. So for us, what we’re about to do is really exciting.”

[Source: EW]