Monday, March 9, 2009

Jonas Houston Rodeo

New Jonas Blog in Texas:

Yesterday was amazing! We did the Houston Rodeo in Houston, Texas. There were over 72,000 people there and it was crazy. They told us that it was the biggest crowd this year and one of the largest ever. The crowd was so loud. Love Houston!
It definitely made us want to get back on the road to see everyone. We want to see all of our fans in the US and also see all our new fans from around the world. We wish we could go everywhere. We are doing our best to hit as many places as possible.
We are almost finished filming our new TV show (JONAS). It will debut in May of this year. We wrote all the songs for the show and it is so much fun. Frankie is also in the show. He is so funny.
We will be announcing our World Tour, dates, venues, and opening acts on Wednesday. The new tour will include new songs from our new CD coming out this summer, as well as songs from our new TV show. Tickets will go on sale soon after the announcements. So be watching and listening!
Thanks for all the support
JBKevin, Joe and Nick