Thursday, June 11, 2009

Demi- good friends with Trace, hanging out with Jefree STarr

Demi Lovato chatted to TWIST about her relationship with Twitter flirt Trace Cyrus: 'Trace is really one of my good friends. People don't realize that he is really, really cool. And he is one of my good friends. I think we get along..

..really well because he's someone who I can really talk to about a lot of stuff. We've both been through a lot.' Demi also confirmed her single status. They are NOT a couple yet. Interestingly enough, Demi was went out to Pinkberry
last night with Miley's friend/ Trace's enemy Jeffree Starr.

IS it just me ?
or does Pinkberry with JEFREE STARR sound freaky ?