Thursday, June 4, 2009


and OH MY GOD…it’s epic. Miley Cyrus is the special guest on Before the Storm! My guess was either Miley or Jordan, but we can 100% confirm Miley. Please credit JonasHQ.Org if you use this information!

Also, there are RUMORS - I REPEAT RUMORS that on June 20 Miley is the special guest to attend the concert and perform the duet. BUT, I cannot confirm yet.

My opinion: I am actually really looking forward to this. I like Miley’s voice and I think it will come out pretty nice. Before I knew it was actually true, while watching the chat I figured it was because she’s the only one that fit the description. And please do NOT say that you are going to hate the whole album if you are not a fan. Even if you are not a fan of Miley, you should still appreciate the album because it was written from the boys’ experiences and lives. From the previews we have heard, I can’t wait to hear the full songs!

[Source: JHQ]