Monday, June 8, 2009


As we all wait in anticipation for the World Tour to start, Popstar! Magazine is lucky enough to be in Dallas getting the inside scoop of the world tour….and they’re twittering the wealth.

-they said they also might switch up the set list and if fans ask for a song, they might play it!
-the Jonas Brothers said they will sing 6 songs (about half) of the new album LVTT on tour
-there are 70 crew members in charge of lighting, catering, etc
-they said the dads of fans in texas like that they are texas boys now
-The Jonas Brothers have already sold almost 900,000 concert tickets!

And there is a lot more on their twitter feed, so head on over. Request a song type concert.

It would be amazing if they played songs I want =)
I hope they play some songs from their old albums they haven't played on their previous tours.
This is my request list of songs I DON'T think they're gonna sing on tour:
"Hey Baby" "Black Keys" from LVTT
"Give Love A Try" from JONAS
"Love Is On Its Way" from JB3D Soundtrack
"Can't Have You" "Sorry" "Got Me Going Crazy" "Shelf" "Pushin' Me Away" from ALBL
"Out of this World" "Australia" "Inseperable" "Just Friends" from Jonas Brothers
"Please Be Mine" from It's About Time
"Crazy Kinda Crush On You" from Nicholas Jonas
maybe even the "Monkey Song" Joe sang on their live chat? hahahha (=
I want them to do alot of covers!
I don't know, there's countless songs I'd want them to cover =)